New Yeuhs

new years eve i left for charlotte’s

she was slavin’ over a hot stove making appetizers

some soft of roasted nut and chocolate covered strawberries

garrett came with us to artemis’

50% of the reason i came

aftah the bawl dropped pawl had to make sum cawls

ll bean is a name that makes me laugh to myself, why? dunno

oh hai howie


with the poor focus this turned out even artier than i’d imagined


confused looking artemis

disgusting happy couple. i always look nuts cause i’m trying to aim the camera

christian had a big bow tie and clementine stains on his shirt

double novelty glass drinkin’

that lucas likes to dance, i tell ya

o salut sil vous plaitĀ 

i then snuck in to hang out with howard for ten minutes solo

charlotte told me to take this but i can’t remember why

howard is cute. welcome to 2009

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