recording with the weed hounds pt. 2

more pictographs from matt’s basement with india 5,000. l to r is laura, cesco, and nick all listening intensely to their last take

the most accurate playback came from the headphones so we all switched off for about 40 seconds for each song

that’s how we do in the ghetto

in basements everyday is xmas

“i have a tongue”

up from the thirty-six chambers! it’s the ghost!

the part we’re looking forward to most is when we can record tambourine overdubs

lots of listening

and lots of laffs!

more shots of the ghetto rigs

on smoke breaks it was so nice out i took a few paparazzo, few not so paparazzo group photos

nick and cesco tried on various pairs of sunglasses

dischord house style

what a gorgeous day

hey matt

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