weed hounds part deux

so i’m back in the basement with the hounds. we set out to do two new songs for their split with dude japan

started out the day right… by recording a jam session of american woman. then just to throw some fun into the day i had about ten million computer problems

after working them out and deciding my computer just didn’t like the song we were trying to record, they did their second song in one perfect take

matt visited to brighten our spirits

my life was enriched by the delicious crunch of a rold gold twist

after doing some takes we went outside and said what up to goggito

nick… counted the change in his pockets

the songs were sounding sweet after overdubs. nick took his required darren photo

the flash wasn’t supposed to pop in this one but it did anyway

after the dubs nick decided to record some feedback for one of the tracks

cesco jumped in to make it sound extra crazy. we’ll set it right in the mix and it will be cool shit

oh yeah, laura made some bangin ass cupcakez… they weren’t her “secret recipe,” but they were delicious nonetheless

end of the night we did some tambourine tracking, all that’s left is bass and vox. friday night we should be done. get well soon, rad pat!

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