weed hounds southern tour, pt 6 – jackson

so the next stop on the ol’ weed hounds tour was jackson, mississippi. i think because we spent so much time in oxford during the day once we got to jackson we were only about three hours away from the show. not to mention that jackson really didn’t seem to have much to do.

don’t get me wrong, it seemed sort of nice when we were outside the city limits… but once inside we didn’t really see much. this was one of the days that i took my new longboard for a nice ride. i noticed a few slanting slopes and powered my way up and down for a number of runs. it really carves like a snowboard

we played at this place called the tavern, which had decent sound and a nice space. this fellow cole from the band dead gaze hooked up a nice show

i zoned out on the floor of the empty stage for a little while before moving in my drums and shit.

at some point i decided it was necessary that i get photos of nick’s hilarious cartoons. these things had my sides splitting in the van, i shit you not! i think the story behind two stern dads was when he and i were up front (loosely – me on right, him on left) and we were pondering the concept of a two father family. these things make me giggle still

the next one was meant to accompany an idea that we had quite a long while ago. a few months ago nick, laura and i were heading east on long island listening to U2… we came to the conclusion that U2 is a total “dad band” and that someone should do a blog called “dad rock.” being that the idea still didn’t exist in the internet world we came up with a list of our top dad albums. a few may be questionable, but we were very tired so cut us some slack (or suggest your own – it could be fun!):

  • Aerosmith – Pump
  • Cream – Disraeli Gears
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – s/t
  • The Eagles – Hotel California
  • Grateful Dead – American Beauty
  • Hot Tuna – Burgers
  • Led Zeppelin – IV
  • Tom Petty – Damn the Torpedoes
  • R.E.M. – Green
  • Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
  • Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA
  • U2 – Joshua Tree
  • The Who – Who’s Next?

this other one is a drawing of what became the constant tour joke based on scene from the sopranos. i think pat mighta been the first to say it… but the concept of a writer taking a pen and writing down the lines “when do i get my money?” with the reply “when you suck the money out of my ass! now get the fuck outta here!” were endlessly hilarious to us in our slightly dazed states. another nick rice masterpiece

the tavern offered us free food… full meals! only the first perk of playing

we opened up… played to a room of (we were told) over 200 with maybe 13 interested parties. kind of took the spark out of my performance. if you ain’t interested sometimes that just makes me ain’t interested. “whatever… they didn’t care, oh well,” i thought, “at least we still get to watch girlfriends”

girlfriends were fucking awesome as usual but to my dismay.. they got the same freaking response! no one seemed to care

“why are you turds all here?” i kept thinking as my eyes darted from frat boy to frat boy. then it hit me – remember when i said that jackson didn’t seem to have anything to do? yeah, this was the only thing to do. so everyone from the city was at this bar because it was the only “place to be” as kool moe dee would say

so at first i thought it was just me who was frustrated by the crowd…

…then benny jumped down from the stage and got in the middle of the dance floor to try and stir things up (i took that shot with jenny’s cam) that was an interesting moment. it still didn’t phase them. they continued drinking and hitting on one another at the bar behind us. end of the night we were a little disappointed but then cole came over to us at the nice dude he was an informed us that we had just gotten paid more then we did for the other days combined! like waaaay more! enough to cover us pretty much all the way home. holy shit! it turns out that so many people paid to get in the place that we made bank on the door. the bar probably made thousands. we headed back to cole’s place and partied for a bit and then went home with his two generous friends who offered us a place to stay. that ruled. they had cute kitties and nice decorations. we stayed with chrissy, laura slept in her daughter’s room. how’s that for weird? i have no photos of these things cause i was tired. i did get to see some of the famed “mississippi mud” as well. good times. the next day we were headed to memphis so that was something to look forward to. cool!

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