at that summer pool party thing with matt

matt and i went to the williamsburg water front pool party long name thing last month to see obits. we didn’t really know what to expect. some guy with a guitar played with a drummer and prince played on the radio behind him while he played. that sucked.

it was a really “cool” place to be, most people there didn’t seem to be there for the show but for the beer tents. that’s ok i guess. we ran into dennis from disnihil because he was selling 2.00 dollar waters.

it was fucking hot outside.

after what seemed like a really long wait obits finally went on and played really well. sort of less energetic than i would’ve liked, but i guess i was just expecting more of a performance in the style of the other bands that came before. they gave the crowd some water guns, that was funny. a million “rock-tographers took pictures of their groins for a while. i hate that stuff. they run around like chickens without heads because their heads were removed from a blade of some sort.

i made this little obits panoramic montage. click on it to make it bigger.

when obits finished we debated staying. see the murder city devils were playing a reunited show. i guess they’re a band again. i never cared for them really, but at one point matt did. crozier showed up and we hung out with him, and i guess that sort of kept us there cause he’s a cool dude who we like talkin’ to.

the murder city devils played. it was ok. people liked it, especially the people in the front. i thought it was meh. matt wanted them to play a song about lying or something but they didn’t so we left before they ended to beat the crowd.

we headed back to astoria to eat foods. matt, quit smoking you dickhead.

i love the view from this tiny bridge, i didn’t take a picture of it because matt’s face and i drawbridge station were in the way

but here’s some long island city stuff. it was a cool day

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