andre’s pool party

went out to andre’s second annual pool party to hang. got to see some faces i haven’t seen in a minute

like doug. i just remembered on the weed hounds tour we drove through a city called durant and for an hour substituted the word “doug” for other words in movie titles. for example: doug of the rings, douglander, o doug where art thou, the cable doug, doug in the outfield, etc. good stuff.

it was a lot of fun hangin but i didn’t go in the pool. my ears were fucked up and still are to this day.

ew look at the blisters on that boy’s hobbit feet

billy drew some weiners

kevin slam dunked some shit

and this dude made up a little score card. it was pretty funny

a few bands played, here’s one of gaza. more here

i noticed doug was very distracted during the sets, i found it really funny for some reason

then the hounds played. first time i saw them after not being in them. kinda weird but definitely cool to be a spectator again because i like the band. more shots here

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