brain slug on crust never sleeps

brain slug did a radio set and interview with reed at crust never sleeps recently

it was a little wacky that day because the online station’s server went down, so for people to listen live they had to go through this sort of roundabout way of doing it

we were sort of trying to figure out whether or not we should bother doing it that night or not and we just decided that if we did it that it would air again through the newtownradio site the following week

so we got into the incredibly hot room and start setting up. i realize one of my cymbal stands isn’t in my bag. no idea where it is, but i had to go down stairs where main drag is surprisingly open. i had ┬áto spend some cash on a new stand but the guy couldn’t even ring me up for some reason. fuckin annoying

the set was pretty tight and what not but apparently that cord that zeke, the sound guy, is holding was fucked up so drew’s vocals are practically non-existant. that sucked the big one cause it would’ve been cool to throw on a tape and put out in the streets. oh well, bad luck is bad luck

so after the brain slug mix tape of weird hip-hop, punk, hardcore and metal, and a live set we were then interviewed by reed. that was pretty hilarious because andre was out of his element. he must’ve said “swag” about 30 times just cause he had no idea what else to say. when we left me and drew felt pretty good about it, but these two were pretty weirded out. in the end it turned out fine, or even good i guess. not as bad as they thought at least. if anyone wants to peep it it’s right here

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