some vocals & crucial chaos

drew busting some vocals for the ny rules 2 comp

dre doing some air drums

more vocal drew stuff. should be done with this shit hopefully soon.

we did a crucial chaos session at wnyu on monday of last week.

it aired on thursday the 12th of april

shit was cool. crozier might’ve found a new calling, he loved sitting behind that glass.

“long time listener, first time caller.”

dj dona was awesome, she hooked up the mics quite nice.

after we ran through a real short set we did an even longer interview

the interview seemed like it was a half hour or so… no clue. lots of ranting on that one. real funny shit though, endless amounts of bleeps. dre actually snuck a “fuck” past dona in editing.

she managed to get us to pose for a couple group shots. i think it was because we were exhausted and loopy

she took a bunch but they were almost all like this. us being shitty at photos. anyway, it was a good time. thanks to aldona.

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