brain slug vocals

crozier’s in the band now. that’s andre

there’s crozier. drew took a bunch of these with my camera while he waited for us to be done with practice

that’s me

there’s me in a meadow with a waterfall

these are drew’s lyrics

these are his shoes

that’s me working out how to play something

i don’t really have any cool captions

my camera eventually turned back to me.

crozier took off and we started to set up for vocals. that’s me in the background. andre took this one

there’s andre on vocal monitors

drew shredded shit up on vocals once we got started. the atmosphere was pretty crazy. torrential rain outside and pitch black, pretty much a perfect way to do hardcore vocals

we rigged another mic with the panty hose

me behind the boards. drew making a pleased face with what came out of his mouth


reflecting on his take

and going in for more

and more

we were pleased by the end of the night, everything was basically done. we did some gang vox and called it a night.

flash forward a week or so. me and andre are at his place. we’re waiting for billy to show up to do backing vocals. he never does. so andre gets behind the mic for the first time since svs

got pretty gnarly too

two takes for each and he was done

checked in and gave a listen and were done for the night

what what like nore. files are sent to the plant, tapes are on the way. go avalanche

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