some b&ws

i scanned a bunch of stuff together so here’s some shit grouped up

first is a few from deep pockets practice in astoria

it’s hard to tell from these shots but conor and justin were having some sort of guitar dual where one noise described justin’s way of life and another conor’s…

i dunno?

here’s me and chuck on our way out to the island, heading toward the ES show at kristin and duncan’s new crib. man i am so fuckin over the cold

matt picked us up and i guess had an arizona

this didn’t expose right (it’s an automatic camera – what did i expect) but here’s charlotte and gear with me in the shotgun position

here’s some of the crowd at the show… pretty packed in. connor fitz is a good dude, so is billy brennan, and so if laura cat with the elf hair, and so is conor hickey with half glasses. that’s all i can make out for now

the whole night i think brian drank and lectured chris about past life stuff. “i used to be young and people were young too!” brian has a baby btw…

chic crowd, lotsa shiny happy faces

charlotte givin me a smile during their set

after the show we went back to my mom’s to stay. convenient that the show was in patchogue. we got to see jake

he’s a damn cute cat.

chris (who’s lady-killer locks are getting long) stayed out at matt’s and drove back to the h-ville train with us

later that week andre came over to my place to record a second guitar track for the ____ ___ demo. whatever the band is named now. i ran a mic from my bedroom into the bathroom to get a larger sound from the tiny amp he brought. you may think this is weak but i just read that the antidote thou shall not kill 7″ was recorded on an amp this size too

“duurrrr” sez andre in his new shirt

he knocked these suckers out right quick for the most part

as with the last session i think one thing gave him a bit of trouble but everything else was one take

oh maybe it was the sooolooo i made him do. it’s super youth crew and it rules

now we just gotta add vocals and shit. should start that soon.

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