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Recording SNP

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Last weekend I got together with the Super Natural Psychos to record them

They found a great location right in their neighborhood called Bulter Studio, very nice space with lots of fun gear.

It was a great time, and we got some great sounds. I don’t really have much else to say but here are some pics

Emma came to hang out

The drums Ron played on were huge and sounded fantastic, also a lot of fun to play

Shaun came to hang as well

Crazy amp set up for Mikey, Reggie eventually had a pretty wild one too. Didn’t get to snap pics as time was winding down

Ohh check out this neighbor kitty

Tortilla factory across the street

Bryan came through to record a few songs

Still have vocals and some overdubs, looking forward to it

3 Wildfest photos

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Wildfest was a couple of months. I brought my 6 and really wanted to snap some pictures but it was not meant to be. As of late, the sucker has been giving me trouble. Either the batteries (which are really specific and hard to find) are goin dead, or something is really jammed up in there.


Because we lost Rob McAllister all these good people got together to make it happen for his family. I knew it would pretty much be a high school reunion, or at least the type of high school reunion I would actually go to. Fuck a real one. Before my camera jammed up I started taking some paparazzo type deals. Here’s one of Doug and Stipell.


The whole weekend was very sick and I did get to see many people I hadn’t seen in years. Plus a few people, like Greg and Liz, who I just haven’t seen in months.


Here’s Dan. This was when the camera started being weird. His focus is lightly shifted. Anyway I think I have a couple of camera phone shots taken after this, but who cares. Point of the thing is, over the last few months it has been really incredible watching people come together to help Rob’s family in this way. Everyone volunteering their time to do it for such a good cause. It made me both really sad and really angry when I heard the news of Rob’s death. I always hated the nickname “Wild Dad” because to me, as the type of person I am, you become a dad and you drop the “Wild”. That is probably a controversial opinion. Angry straight edge guy type opinion. But I have to realize that is my selfish outlook on the world and people are who they are. I just miss the friend I lived along side of in this scene for over a decade. At least I have a recorded history, both audibly and visually, to look back on.