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they vant to screw but i say ‘fuck off’

Monday, December 15th, 2008

the weekend of december fifth i went to albany and boston in a rented dodge caravan with the violent yoots and billy of billy and the disciples fame. lots of fun, ups and downs and mosh. here’s a couple of shots.

old bluey is what we called her

after getting thrown off in jersey we got stuck in traffic somewhere

the crew

the crew is me

the crew is you

yeah we’re the drew. drew in the “isolation chamber”

we got to albany on time, unloaded & then the cops showed up

we eventually went to another spot (after being pulled over) and played a sick set.

we went to this party at dan murphy’s

and billy danced quite a bit

i slept on a floor and chris had a nice couch spot

blazé claimed to have slept the best

probably because he had the comfort of his knife

andre slept in a chair and seemed pretty bummed about it

billy woke up with a pair of wings and a bent knife, i woke up freezing 

punk fucking rock


drew did yoga for an hour in the kitchen

this guy named james woke me up a bunch in the morning

walk the streets 4 or 5 strong

in search of bagels

all morning long

at the second boston show with tim and mel

words to live by

mel rejected the the scabies drink

andre and billy will bust some beats for you if you ask nicely

“sheesh barnacle arbiter sten fleh mehass”


“you sure you don’t want to drink it?”

chris was blasted, he attempted to make himself puke and passed out 2 seconds into hanging.

we slept at jimmy flynn’s, solid dude.

he talked to us about the girlies he was trying to get with and nirvana’s back catalog

i think we were pretty cold, it snowed that morning

we then drove to pick up drew and made our way back to new york. sick times.