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more recording in color

Friday, January 13th, 2012

here’s the barn house thing that ian records in. cool space up on a hill, long winding drive way that was impossible to drive up

con-air checking out the space

loading in some shit in

conor was laughing about something i don’t know what exactly, but i think it was something along the lines of matt bringing a cooler

figuring out where to set up stuff

in between takes cigarette breaks

ian moving around some mics

drums getting mic’d up

conor brought some oranges and he put one on justin’s bass

eating some whole foods

inside the control room

and here’s some portraits from before hand

deep pockets recording with ian

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

here’s a few from a couple days ago. deep pockets is gonna release a split with bellingham, washington’s so adult sometime in the near future. we set up to record the tracks on wednesday with ian bryn, who happens to be the brother of tia of fellow project. he recorded their full length which sounded pretty great and expressed interest in having us out to his studio.

the space was really awesome. out in northport, long island on the top of a winding and treacherous driveway sits a little farm house. when you step inside there’s a big open room with some nice sound. j-wow and i tracked with conor aiding us by playing along

ian was at the helm in the separate control room. we recorded two tracks total, a new one and a cover. i got through drums in about 25 minutes or so because we had drilled the songs the last few days.

took a step outside for some air and noticed these really dope trees with curling arm-finger branches

after justin did a overdub of his scratch bass tracks in a couple of gos conor stepped up to dub his tracks

practicing really paid off because we were all pretty much breezing through shit

i had basically nothing to do all day but eat and drink so i was pissin in the bathroom every half hour. that’s me right after doing just that

conor over-dubbed a secondary guitar track for each song which is something we haven’t done yet. sounded pretty rad and much fuller

justin was probably flying on caffeine at this point, or maybe i was just a bad influence.

then it was time for matt to get in the booth. he expressed nervousness about it because the rest of us had finished so fast. again though our practicing and pre-demoing roughs paid off because he nailed both songs in a real timely fashion. it was just a matter of tweaking things and matching up the best takes

ian sent us some mixes and they are already sounding pretty damn good. i’m pumped. we should have this stuff done in no time. i’ve got some rolls of color coming too, but i just haven’t gotten them processed yet. stay tuned