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new camera and stuff

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

starting off with charlotte’s pizza day. i didn’t take many pictures that day. but anyway because we were at a wedding on her birthday i took charlotte to get some pizza from l&b in brooklyn

she enjoyed it. she ordered more than she could eat actually. then we went to prospect park to relax.

flash forward to a couple days ago. i got a new camera and started testing it on the way out to a ES show with halfway to swell and bastard butts

the straight man’s black picked me up

matt was inside of it

goggy was chillin’ at matt’s lookin’ all happy

i decided maybe i could finally take a test press cover picture

so i snapped a few

this was after the show, chris and i were headed back to the city but dealt with quite a bit of train trouble. fuck off lirr

we got some burger king. chris and matt got a buy a whopper, get on free thing

he couldn’t eat all that, which is surprising considering how much pizza he can house

then before i dropped my film off i finished the roll taking a picture of that tourist attraction tourists seem to like so much. now i got more film to drop off

jess makes a honest man of worm

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

so on june 12th (charlotte d’s b-day) jess and worm tied the knot. charlotte, brendan, lili, matt and myself showed up about 3 minutes late to find that the ceremony had begun already! the invite said 5 but who expected it to start at five?! anywho

it was funny watching the final transformation from worm into bryan. he’s a real guy now. a second after this photo i received an enthusiastic high-five from the groom. he was pumped (although his eyes were doing lots of weird stuff during the ceremony)

we got to our seats after the ceremony and found our seating arrangements quite pleasurable. kyle and alana were there

as we brendan and lili

and although matt was a late comer to the invitation (basically we played a show together with worm’s new band and he remembered matt’s exists and he’s awesome) he was seated with us too

as were the awesome dudes from cavallo

the whole thing was in worm’s yard. kind of crazy how much space it is when you saw it this way. anyway, bryan and jess came in

and did their first dance

then kyle proceeded to whack alana with his tie or something?

i think our table was literally the only one that did no dancing whatsoever the entire night. and i’m fine with that

cause these two (who i’m convinced were hired by the deejay) did enough weird dancing for everyone. it’s probably jess’ aunt and uncle or something but they were funny to watch

bryan and jess prepped for their cake stuff towards the end of the night

and they had some sort of tart thing…. ray freck was there. that guy rules, haven’t seen him in too long

matt was dancing like a maniac on the floor all night, dancing like he’s never danced before even. he and ┬ájon jay did some mtv style grindin’. i drew the camera out so quick to get it that the strap got in the way

and the grindin’ was out of focus. oh well

so that tart thing i mentioned earlier turned out to be a really sweet surprise that jess and worm prepared for charlotte’s birthday. she thought it was so nice of them to do that

matt leered on

this is the tart with the little ‘happy birthday’ flag they made

then kyle and matt cheered for some reason

jess and worm did the whole cake on the face thing

yep, there it is

then we went and got some candy on their candy desert buffet line. all in all this was a great night. the food was delicious, i saw a lot of blasts from the past and got to see my two buddies tie the knot.