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brain slug – second session

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

brain slug’s second session got underway a couple of weekends ago. i got there early around 11 and prepped. dre and crozier were supposed to pop up at around 12:30. crozier got there a little late and andre didn’t show until about 2:30 due to some car complications.

when this motherfucker finally turned up he brought all his gear downstairs and plugged it in. he that reached for his guitar to plug it into the gear and shouted “oh!” to which i replied “you forgot your guitar.” i was right of course. luckily cary dane tilton (who was moving out that day) was nice enough to lend us his. props cdt.

crozier’s first eshq experience. checking out a photo whilst being photographed.

we laid down all the frames in about 2 hours (pizza break excluded) 5 originals and a plethora of covers. andre banged out a second guitar tracks with no playbacks

drew showed up around 7 straight from work and was ready to put more work in. he nailed that shit right quick

crozier put his phone in the vice. you can’t see it in this pic, but he won the award for “punkest shirt” with a homestiched shirt to shirt method.

after all that we finished at about 11. hung with matt for a minute when he got home from work until about 1:30. got home at the ass crack. looong day but overall good to just bang it out like that.

kenzie hung with me the next day when i made some rough reference mixes. look out for the next release happening soon hopefully

these two randos were taken outside the last brain slug show. andres hiding from the camera actin like a little bitchass about the camera being out

and kiran made an appearance as well. good times. next one’s the 24th.

some cameraphone pictures

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

spent some time at the beach recently. guess who flew by? larry david. you probably can’t make that out but it’s a CYE ad. pretty weird to see

afterward made a trip to the one place i like to shop for clothes. i had to text my man timmy k and let him know that still to this day the place hasn’t changed in at least 10 years. no matter what i always find legit items for bargain deals

here’s a weird picture of a caveman standing outside

afterward i drove towards the smithaven mall to try and find this sporting goods store that was open in my youth. apparently it’s closed. now it’s a planet fitness that isn’t even open. well while we’re in the area why don’t we eat some cunty food? oh, just at that sign – we’re definitely in the right place!

while my mom was away i was feeding her cats. she has an indoor and an outdoor/indoor. she also offers aid to some local strays as well. well apparently at night while the strays are sleeping these dickheads come out and eat from their bowls. these dudes were fearless. i’ve never seen them stick around after yelling and smacking things.

then we took a million trains and came back home. it was a good weekend. while i went into my hard drive to get these pictures i found a couple other cameraphone shots.

like this huuuuuge rainbow that appeared over a crazy storm in my hood.

and this random salon ad that features some stock photography… and one dude from party down?

and this transformation photo of charlotte looking like a skinhead girl. that’s it for cameraphonage.