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Slug short Philly trip

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

So back in 1994 on Octber 25th we went down to Philly to play a show

Some familiar faces, like Fuckface and Even More Gore

And a few new semi-new ones like Greg the Peg over here on the left and Potato Slims (not pictured)

Although we left at maybe 2:30 these lightweights passed out almost immediately.

We got to Philly in record time pretty much and had spare to kill.

This is the way we walk in New Yawk. BS Posse in effect in West Philly

As per usual we played only a few blocks from where Carlotta grew up. Don’t ask me why their hardcore scene now thrives in her former neighborhood because I don’t know, but it’s always weird to be there without her

We went over to the Ethiopian spot I first heard about 11 years ago (super weird) and decided to get some to go. This will have been the first time I tried this place too

After a long ass wait we got it to go and took it over to Clark Park on Baltimore. Baltimore seems to be the hub of the new West Philly or something

Drew brought his yoganess with him as per usual, and was mad at me and Andre for poppin off shots of him while he laid out his mat for a hot minute. We ate the food we got and it was delicious

Greg rocking the offensive and punk as fuck MDC shirt

After we hit up a mediocre record store and walked back to the van we headed to the show. Drew’s first question was “can I do yoga somewhere” to which the usual response is “umm.. what? yeah, probably. yeah I mean, why not?” So he hit up the roof deck

It looked straight out of a movie from a rooftop chase scene

and cool view of the downtown area from up there

Once dudes started loading in I noticed a Lee sticker on Budd Dwyer’s gear. Hit up a conversation and knew him well

Tour cats are always awesome, even if it wasn’t a tour I still consider them part of the sect

So War Emblem were the dudes behind getting us there that weekend. Our boy Steve plays drums for them. They were super awesome and let us borrow almost all their shit to make the trip easier on us.

They killed it. If you liked Born Against and No Reply you should consider them

Also we’re all now boys for life because these are some hockey men. Guitar player Joe got this ankle boot from playing.

Also Jordan was originally a Long Islander so we got that connection too

Their set was great, our was pretty sick too. People kinda went off which was fun

I hope we can play another show with these dudes up here in NY

Oh and last good sign: Bass player Andreas had these boss stickers made up: “There’s No Such Thing As Christian Hardcore” – damn fucking right

And as we got talking to Jordan at the end of the night we realized he looked exactly like Funds from the west coast / Shook Ones. Weird and uncanny. Anyways we had a great time. Thanks dudes. BSNY muthabitches

DP Northeast 2

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

So here’s some other DP stuff almost a month later

We recorded at Quiet Country Audio outside of Buffalo, NY

Justin was in a band with the operator of the spot, Paul, a while back so it was like a little buddy reunion

We got in and started setting up almost immediately

Here’s my drums

Check out those wood things. They designed those as sound dampeners. Pretty cool concept. It breaks up the bounce.

The mic shelf

So one of the cool things about it is they shoot multi angle video of two of the recorded songs, so that was fun

we did every song in one take and that was that

Matt had a cymbal dick that day

Everything turned out pretty awesome

The end result is up at

More shots of the space

We wanted to do one of these for everyone but Justin was busy talking

So we did three

Mine was weird anyway

Here’s Justin being Justin

And thumbs up to that

Here’s the Crew standing behind the boards listening to the mix. Everything is also up on a bandcamp and youtube. I should be posting the embeded video right after down here:

I chew gum like a cow in these videos. I like em though

So we went back to House of Guitars and this time I made some purchases. I started digging through their stock boxes. Look at that shit. Nirvana “Bleach” cassettes, just in a giant box. Montell Jordan, REM, 2 Pac, and Lil Wayne actually made it to cassette.

Conor enamored by the giant space

Looky what was hanging from the ceiling

Back in the main space checking out the antiquities

And the sheer volume

Look at all these fucking things!

Conor ended up buying a Gibson and as we were leaving I asked Bruce if he would jump in a photo with us. He did it so routinely it was hilarious. He was like “here, let’s grab some guitars first”

He then thanked us for the support and business and gave us some legit ass hoodies and sticker packs

Conor and I left with 4 copies of “Bleach” on cassette.

We then it up a banging Ethiopian spot in Rocester. So fuckin good.

Conor and the new ax

Back at Keely’s, getting a last hang in with kitties

Little weirdo cuties

Matt… weirded out by cats forever

And a helpful fella

We got the customary shot of Conor holding something up in front of the van. Luckily this time it was just an oil rag

Here we are at the show in Buffalo. Lotta fuckin fun that night. Matt’s got bullhorns

Keely took this, hey that’s me!

I had taken this at a vegan spot in Buffalo at some point, can’t remember when. EVERYONE spells weird wrong

Here is Matt as the Emperor in the van down to Philly. We were going to be playing a house show that night and had a decent drive ahead of us

Check out this weird space shit. Going warp

Here is probably the only shot I got in Philly. Cool West Philly sky.

Back at the house show hanging with kids in the living room

Matt drinking beers. We had a good time until Matt got shitty news that sent us home early. He’s alright now, but it was a lame night for him. More photos from the future to come