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bronx zoo

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

a while back kyle and alana invited charlotte and i to go to the bronx zoo with them. i took some photos and what not but it took forever for me to process the film.

we went to brunch first near their place

it was fun to hang with them see some animals

check out this bird

these are some fish and some turtles

these are more difficult to see, but they are some panthers. two of em sleepin’

check out these kitties

they put on a show for us, no joke

these are some reindeer or something. we watched them from the monorail

ok so this one is using it’s camo pretty well, check out the top part for a tiger


croc reflection

little old man bird


i cannot at all remember what this guy was called but booooy was he a cute little fucker

i gotta put more stuff up. maybe soon