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ol’ tyme roller bladin part the second

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

back once again with some old time skating photographs from days of yore. i think basically once the weather starts warming up and i get the desire to get out and skate i start getting nostalgic and remember how much fun i used to have with my homies. if you didn’t catch the last long entry click on the skating tag down to the right and you’ll see it. this post is super long so it’ll take a while to load. also, again the disclaimer is i pretty much just laid these photos down on the scanner and clicked ‘scan’, which means they are pretty rough color and dust wise. now that that’s out of the way… on to the memories

so again i started going through some of my old photo albums to check out the hundreds of skating photos i have. these first few are actually shots i found on a disk recently which is why their resolution is totally different and low. this is some stuff from one of our many train rides in to spend a day going up and down manhattan hitting spots. bren seen in the midtown area

this is bren with one of the home-made four 9 two hoodies. looks pretty sick in the photo, not gonna lie

this is pretty much how i remember mike lent… always with a fish eyed camera lens attached to his eye

at the penn spot with bren on the left, i think that is mike (h-name?) in the middle, and mike lent on the right. it’s annoying the shit out of me i can’t remember the name of who i think that is

at peconic, bk, mike g, and brendan

back into the scans. i love this shot because you got bk taking a shot from a different angle and timmy k throwing the horns in the background. it seems like getting into the background of shots was a thing we really loved doing

this is at that spot in babylon, maybe a highschool or something. fishbrain that i’m coming up off of.

bren with the negative mizou, rocking a snapcase jersey in front of the legendary mother’s music. so much of my money was spent buying used cds, tapes and wu-tang vinyl there. i will forever regret not buying all the method man, gza and wu-tang o.g. shirts that hung in there

i used to skate shirtless a lot. those are some custom painted k2s.

sick shot of the top soul with farrell on the left and mike g filming. i love these kinda shots. i can’t tell who’s in the background

rocking the baseball socks and bandana with lent, tim k, bren, mike g and corey  chillin on the side

these are some classics. the inside of board sports. i guarantee “sex machine” was playing in the background while this was taken from whatever the fuck that one video we ALWAYS watched was

dusty close ups




and mike lent (but from a different location! – on the lirr)

so here’s some proof that i’m the sweatiest motherfucker ever. also, proof i get really tan really easy if i spend time in the sun

sweaty at woodward the year mikey g was there too, lookin on from the background

i realize these are in no order whatsoever so i may have to rearrange them for it to be more fun. me, mike and bren on the old lirr car. i’m guessing that’s mike g’s hand coming into frame. that E thrown up was the fnt East Coast sign

bren at peconic

mike g and bk. check that fr 1997 shirt. that was the only print on the thing… remember that?

here’s an example of the distances we would travel just for a simple piece of metal to slide down. this thing was well past the LIE on 112 and was maybe 6 feet long but we rode our bikes foreevvveer to get there

this is a great documentation of a common occurence back then… we’d bring out our album of shots to share with each other from the past week or whatever. “oh lemme get the double of that one” and such

a sick grab (probably a mute or something) from this seemingly long but not high gap in the la bonne vie apartment complex my pops lived in. we were so desperate for spots

mike g in the k55s and triple 8 jersey at st. johns

me in the dark blue snapcase jersey (exact same one as bren had on earlier). me and him went to one of the early warped tours and bought them things up. i think it was 96 or something

yaschika shot of bren at lbv doing a back royale

mike lent top acid? am i forgetting these names right now?

bk has the ill fiction shirt on. dude we skated that rail all the time and that old bitch gave us so much shit.

mike lent sitting on the old couch in my room back home. i wish the focus was better on this so i could peep the magazine tears hanging on the wall. he’s got the dope fr stitched hoodie on, i wish i had that shit still. mike was a cool dude, saw him recently but unfortunately the circumstances were not the best.

so i can’t remember how we got out to this spot, but this was a really tall rail out by the smithhaven mall behind a movie theatre. i have that 976 shirt in a box somewhere. also, i used to sweat a lot. i remember that wasn’t too far into skating and i always had sweat patches goin

corey b at ryder, aka the 492 meeting spot

these next two shots are examples of things i cringe at, and used to cringe at all the time. i HATE skating in basketball shorts. i feel so vulnerable, but for some reason i always ended up doing it. this is at the sayville highschool blurry and overexposed

here is the slowest railever with another pair of b-ball shorts

bk with the old glasses and k2 beanie. i forever what i was trying to photograph in his glasses, but still a cool portrait

mike g in the oxygens with possible soul plates? i think that’s corey running up to the tracks for some reason in the background? or maybe what’s his name from bellport

corey in the oxygens. i forgot he ever had those

weird short spot at saxon middle school

family bonded on the long island railroad

i can’t recall what show this was but here is us at penn after some punk show had just ended. me, tim’s ex-gf kelly, brendan, drunk passed out sleezeball, tim, mikey g

oh here’s an example of our inventiveness with stickers back then. we’d take the new skool stickers and kut them up to say four nine two all the time. the middle one is japanese i think. i remember my dad took me to the library to look up how to find write 4 9 2 out in japanese

mitch on the roll in! mitch was so warm

bren board sports vert wall stall… sooo dustyyyy

ok so i’ve been looking for more shots from this trip but i can’t find them for shit. my mom swapped a time share or something and we went to dana point, cali. we brought brendan along this trip and he and i ended up stumbling on sooo many of the most famous skate spots to us. we would just take a trip early in the morning and bump into something we would see over and over again in our worn out vhs copies of skate videos. this was one of the first we stumbled on

this crazy thing bren actually pulled off. back when he skated in razors. i have video footage of him doing this somewhere. that is a project for the future…. transferring the video footage. speaking of which, the last time i did this all you homies said that we should all get our collective photos together and scan them for one another. so my question is – who else has their homework??

this was the other spot we found. we were like shaking with excitement. these rails were so smooth and low we felt sort of anxious to ever try them

back and forth to spots

i really wish i could still do rails because there is NOTHING in the world like successfully sliding right off the very edge of a rail…

these are some weird backwards prints i got years ago from a roll of slide film. pretty expensive as i remember. the guy printed everything backwards and it took me years to realize..

this is outside southocean i think. bren and bk backwards

we off the roll in

and we’re back to woodward. this was the ‘love bowl’ if i remember right? i think it was shaped like a heart. pretty small vertically but lots of fun, pretty famously featured in the FR vid.

i always loved this dusty panning shot of brendan royaling the south ocean ledge

bk portrait

back to woodward. this was one of the funnest mini ramps i’ve ever skated. i forget what k2s i had just bought that year, maybe they were red?, but the new skates plus the senate metal plates they made back then… fucking HEAVEN. i skated so well the first day because i felt so smooooth. bren with the alley oop fish with bk’s NY pride in the back

same trick, different angle

i think this building was new back then and potentially called “cloud 9” – lots of rollerbladers lover these ledges but i could never get into them really

bk with a top mistrial

this is some weird aerial shot of the rockies i think when we were on our way to cali once.

back in cali with the slave flash poppin off. bren might have a school of hard knocks long island shirt on… he just might

brendan is a tree

back in the back on someone’s jeep. i can’t remember but i think it was the “joop” actually

bren in the timeshare in cali holdin the slave

here’s a sick shot of me and bk in a reflection of the door of a clean creature. i was really pumped when i noticed that and when it turned out how i thought it would

hey! it’s worm outside of a “fall of innocence” practice, a band he sang in that was like mosh metal, grillin up some meat

a veeery old shot of me eating it at the low rail at la bonne vie. worm in bladez!

some fnt graffitto i did and then photo transferred

97 baby. worm poppin the 180 over a curb. fuck you, you never rollerbladed

bren doin the wall stall 180 routine at board sports

me doing the 360 pre roll in. interesting background notes:  matt lentini refusing to be photographed in a gay rollernlading photo, tim liles with a long board, crazy tom dropping in on 4 different types of drugs

me and matt d in the matching backyards way way back in the day… photo by tim i would assume? maaad young yo.

so there is an accompanying photo to go along with this. i don’t know where it is, maybe it’s further down. but the backstory is that schatzel, mike egan and miek holter would constantly rank on us and say how lame rollerblading was. we put the challenge to them finally to try it and they all did some ballet grabs and eventually ended up on the floor. hilarious experience

me doing the 180 up the party city ledge in a “sub 18:00 at the meadow” cross country shirt. did those things ever intimidate our competitors like oliva said they would?

a shirtless brendan at south ocean with a baby face

be doing the 360 wall ride with bk screaming on the outside

stony brook university top soul on the square rails. we used to get dropped off at this place by our parents and then 1 time out of 4 our parents would be called by the university cops to pick us up. bullshit mother fuckers

bk at chase bank with a sick BACKSLIDE

MIKEY G – soul grind at chase

this is like an over mizou / sweatstance from bk. sick shot

a rare one of bk glassesless on the nasty board sports couch. check – the magazine rack with broken skateboards in it. all i need is that much info of the photo to remember every square inch of that place. may mr. lentini rest in peace

ok some more scans off that disk. look… there’s mike lent with the fish eye and bk doing the soul transfer from the box

a crazy farf from bk

bren at the 23rd street east side rails with the mikeys watching on

booya! more of what i had been looking for. bren doing the crazy drop ledge in venice, california! i loved these shots so much but i can’t find my fucking hard copies! that was seriously one of the sickest trips of my life because we skated so much fun shit and were pretty fearless because we knew we wouldn’t get any other chances at them

bren on the longer side at sayville. me in baskettball shorts in the back

i forget where this was… somewhere further west and south than patchogue, that’s all i can say

arizona skatepark i believe. the time me and bren went to go visit his aunt and uncle with his mom and dad. we fuckin skate the shit out of that place, then we spent new years in phoenix. you know what is boring as fuck? spending a new years eve in phoenix.

it seemed like everywhere we went in cali was skateable!

wow… five one six skate park in copiague. that was a sick spot

another arizona shot

venice boardwalk pornstar.

the drop at saint johns

a roll in 360 or 540 in the financial district area. is the name i’m thinking of mike healey?

classic hip hop arrangement at the spot where we send up pool tables. me, mike g and tim in formation

the loading dock across from claire rose… gapping over the guard rail

corey was real good at sweatstances. me with the old arms up again

corey in the salomons in bayshore

corey at 23rd st

thats me in arizona with the true mizou

same spot, different side

alley oop soul in a legendary location. you may recognize it from “thrashin” perhaps?? i heard it all got torn down but i have no facts to back that up

these were some other really long rails we found that were sort of slow and hard to do

mike g with the box transfer

and mike lent off the picnic tables with brendan watching in the dark.

wow that was a lot of shots. i still have a shit load of black and whites scanned that i haven’t uploaded yet… maybe i’ll do those next month? i have no idea. again though… i miss these dudes so much and miss this careless time in my life. a lot of lame people talk about glory days and reminisce about the goals they scored on the football field and shit … fuck that. that ain’t shit. we actually had some glory days that would be worth looking back on. something worth envying. now i wanna go out and skate on tuesday night at 11:51 at night. i won’t, but probably would have 10 years ago. check back soon for more of nostalgia fest 2011 when i put the black and whites up.