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just a few

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

been away from the computer for so long. blah. here’s some stuff that hasn’t gone up yet.

that’s the gogman. he’s afraid to come downstairs. this was before weed hounds left for boston

this was in boston. somewhere along the way pat bought a corn cob pipe

that’s the riceman with the corn cob.

this is a camera phone pic that someone took upon my request because i played in front of a massive steven tyler portrait.

we ate some falafel afterwards… i don’t remember what pat was doing in this picture but i guess he was making a face for some reason

and this is some other stuff… here’s some weather shots around the city.

i took the photo below because i liked charlotte’s outfit

that’s it for now.

alright fellas, that’s one loop around

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

after maybe two years the everything sucks lp is finally done. you can go back and read all the shit we went through to get here i’m sure, but either way we’re here. tonight we practiced and afterwards assembled 250 lps.

apparently it was a really tiring process

100 orange, 150 on black. 50 of these will be autographed by sean michael brennan, aka number five. i think that amount will drop significantly once he realized how many fifty actually is.

goggy is the king of the cardboard realm in hicksville. dude kept trying to jump into the boxes and matt had to keep pulling him out. that’s a lie but he did destroy the shit out of one of them. ordering information will be posted this week. buy one, you slimy sack of crap