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Friday, January 15th, 2010

so here are the others after that weed chaunds / nick / yamaka shot. as i may have mentioned i recorded as a weed hound for the first time recently.

we only recorded the one song, but it sounds strong. it’s gonna be the opposite side of “beach bummed”

nick and i did the final guitar tracking the other night. i contributed a note or two to the melody of the solo

when laura returns from her holy quest we’ll do some vocals

matt came down and offered to take us anywhere we wanted to go in his spaceship. we’ll finish this stuff soon and get it the fug out.

blazĂ©’s undies

Friday, January 15th, 2010

i got on the subway the other day and a bunch of pantsless hunter students got on with me. “it must be that time of year again” i thought to myself. who was it that told me about that shit?

get off at union square – walk up the stairs… “oh yeah, it was billy… that jackass ten feet away from me with the tighty whiteys”

it was good to see him, and see him suffer in the freezing cold while his dink nearly fell off from the cold