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deep pockets tour of the northeast – the conclusion (finally)

Friday, December 16th, 2011

one of the items of my list of things to do for the longest time was to finish scanning this film. it obviously wasn’t for any assignment and there was no time constraints on me to get it done so i took my time. i just didn’t think i would take this long. sorry guys.

so our last stop on this jam was boston. as i remember it we left albany and got on our way. we stopped off somewhere to grab some snacks and fill up on gas. conor hanked up under the van and shit for a while as we at our junk food.

just got himself some sort of fancy smoothie from mcdonalds

when we got to boston our first order of business was to call up jomo. he was living in boston was wanted to hang out and get some food with us before the show.

boston ended up being a good time because we got to see friends and family all at once.

jomo and matt made plans to go back to joe’s so that matt could shower and shit

we ended up getting some delicious vegan pizza

justin’s brother is in boston so he came to hang for a while. look how similar they look

we wandered around for some time which was fun, went into the warrior hockey super store too. then after stopping off at my sister’s place and matt stopping off at joe’s we headed over to the show.

check these guys out

this little mural art was across the street from the venue

there’s our name on a chalkboard. hey look, see how there’s a lie written there about 4 bands playing the show. i think there must’ve been 7. it was one of the longest shows ever played. overall a good night because we hung out with joe, my sister and my brother-in-law tim, and mary southworth, a buddy from boston, all popped in to hang.

we spent the night at my sister’s place which basically felt like a hotel at that point. considering the places we slept (aside from the ACTUAL hotel) the pull out bed, the couch, the cushions, the shower and the breakfast spread were such a nice thing for us to be gifted. thanks janelle and time for making it niiiice

we started our drive back home nice and early the next morning. the weather was sort of wack but the drive wasn’t too rough…

we cruised home fairly smoothly…..

until justin got back behind the wheel! no, not really. justin didn’t have any trouble on his leg – while i was in the car at least…

we rolled into new york and thought to ourselves “considering the shit we went through, it’s really amazing we made it home on time like this”

as we see familiar signs for home the sky got a little more grey

we even saw the skyline off in the distance

we crossed into queens and dropped me off

it felt great to be home after all the bad luck that followed us. i was so happy we were all back in one piece. i said my goodbyes to my homies and  to the van and walked into my apartment

i was greeted my three stinkles.

shortly after kicking my feet back on the couch i began to receive a series of texts. the van finally gave up on the short drive from queens county to nassau. the belt popped back out and left 3/4 of deep pockets stranded on the side of the grand central. i couldn’t believe it! they were so close and stuck in what began to be pouring rain on the side of the road. i felt almost guilty for having made it home already. conor called his sister to get them and the can was towed. that is how the first deep pockets tour ended. i am interested to see what transpires on the next one. i say that at least we should wait until the fall rolls around that way when we get stuck on the side of the road at least the sun won’t be beating down on us quite as much, and we won’t be frozen to death either.