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Deep Pockets in The Northeast

Monday, May 13th, 2013

These photos are pretty old now, but I just haven’t had the time to post them. Justin will be psyched that his app will have something new in it though.

So a couple months ago Deep Pockets did some shows in the Northeast, basically our long tour of Buffalo plus extras. We played NJ with Real Good at this weird ass spot

This dude brought his own drum and jammed with all the bands. How bout that. I have video of this too, which was hilarious. New Jersey homies Ray and Trevor came out to hang which was really awesome.

This is Conor wearing my sunglasses the next day

We stayed with John from RealGood that night and the next day he took us to a pretty sweat some for food. The buildings in Jersey City are really awesome

Here are the dudes

More cool buildings

So on our way to Buffalo we went to this amazing spot called the House Of Guitars in Rocester. It is basically a music museum filled with amazing gear and history. I don’t want to type that much right now but look at these pictures. Tons of cool shit in two giant barn like buildings.

Tons of amps


Amps and amps and amps and amps

spaghetti spaghetti

Look at all these guitars. Look at them all. Look at em.

This is the record store part. Entirely too much shit. I was so furious because there was no way in hell I could spend enough time looking through all the shit in this place. I didn’t buy a single thing the first day we went

It’s also covered in years of memorabilia

records and promos wall paper the place


as do pictures of artists who’ve visited the store over the years

and tons of these artists have signed the walls

matt and I couldn’t even wrap our heads around this place

it was just too much to take in


Eric and Parrish, Danzig foam ltters

cool shit

Ramones in the very early years

Aerosmith looking young

too much shit!

back in the guitar place Conor was looking to buy a SG. He was trying out a bunch of crazy custom ones. He didn’t buy one that night, but we would return days later.

we went over to our pal Keely’s in Buffalo, basically peed, and went out the door to get food and then get a night session in at Niagra Falls (which I’ve never seen)

Everyone said the view from the Canadian side is better but this was cool regardless. I’d like to check it out again during the day and which more options and when it isn’t freezing cold

But it was amazing and impressive

Back at Keely’s and I met her little stinker cats. Really cute dudes and dudettes

In this photo I am holding Little Man up by the belly so that he may properly chirp at the birds in the nearby tree

Here he is on Conor’s lap

This is the grey one

Conor making a new friend is funny

Check out this Little Rascals photo. Pretty cool

Went off to 7-11 to buy oil and found this guy, kinda wanted to buy it but didn’t. More coming