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Monday, January 4th, 2016

Another trip to the Uptown area. Black and White was not the best option for this day. Oh well.

Charlotte is a babe. As usual.

Oh there’s a plane.

Here’s a shot of our post hike pizza walk Charlotte took using my camera.

Matt’s Surprise Pool Party… sort of…

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Over the summer Matty B had a birthday. Courtney set up a little bit of a surprise for him, but in true Matt fashion he somehow deflated the surprise, ruining the fun! No, not really, but he did go out to his Mom’s/Sean’s early which meant he beat us getting out there. So we couldn’t set up the “Surprise N Shit” banner Charlotte made ahead of time, but we still got it up.

It was a good day of hanging out, eating wings and chips and ranch dressing and colas and all the good stuff.

We had all the Brennan boys there, obviously, and Kevin, Chris, and eventually Brian and Sarah made it out.

Billy’s got the Fat Cats shirt on

There was a lot of pooling from Emily, Courtney and Brady

Overall a good day. This film got processed a lot later than expected.