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new apartment, the beginning

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

i moved recently. i probably mentioned that in an earlier post, but yeah i’m in now. before i put moved all my furniture in i decided i wanted to get some before shots of the space because it’s a really cool, old building. i think it’s from the early 20’s and you can definitely tell just by looking at it.

one bedroom

two views

the other bedroom

another view

the living room (the color is atrocious on these shots but i just scanned and saved them really)

the kitchen

another view

the window. i really do love astoria, queens.

oh and this is one of those ‘photographer-taking-self-portait-in-mirror’ shots that i haven’t done since 9th grade. it was taken on one of the last days i was in the crescent apartment before the move. i look tired.