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chuck d’s birth d

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

it was charlotte’s birthday on june 12th. that also happened to be the day that the us switched over to digital tv. so in honor of that her b-day party was analog tv inspired… sort of

so we walk into ryan jordan’s apartment and this is what we are greeted with. lucas made the best accessory for the night

the thing on top was a little speaker playing his ipod… innovation at it’s best

paul got all these cheeseball decorations (intentionally) along with those ugly cheap sunglasses you see babies wearing in photographs

kirsten had an old polaroid camera she found at a garage sale. i wish i had more film for mine

when the decorations started falling off the walls (stuck to the walls with 3 centimeter wide pieces of tape) denis decided find new ways of making use of them

paul made a variety of mixed drinks. i told petey his i-talian necklace reminded me of my uncle tony

marc is an innovator. his home made morrissey shirt was the sickest shit. unfortunately my camera strap fell into the picture (i think he’s pointing it out to me in the shot)

random shot of the place, the people, the balloons

ryan demonstrated his hulahooping skill

matt demonstrated his lack thereof

until now we thought heat lamps only existed in the homes of grandparents

nick rice made me take this picture and get in this pose (fat guy in a little vest)

nothin’ classier than wearin’ a lighter on yur necklace

charlotte’s ensemble included a clarissa explains it all dress with your mother wears army boots

this was ryan’s roommate’s kitty. it was the nicest person at the party

we wore our awkward faces for this picture that alex took

i then realized i didn’t snap any photos of alex all night so she busted this move

my frowny face about having to carry all of charlotte’s stuff home for her while she goes out to continue partying. and i was sick as shit that night

oh and then we all went outside on the street to disperse and i remembered i forgot to take a picture of artemis’ radical, custom made shoes

good times


Saturday, June 13th, 2009

so this is what everything sucks does instead of making records

…put clothes pins on our noses to induce eye-watering, face numbing pain

play made up games involving tossing tea candles. no one has beat my record yet

brian swept chris though

after doing a take we actually liked we walked it out to brian’s car to listen to it

matt does nothing yet except wait impatiently. so he plays with goggy

goggy got a new ball

that same ball 7.4 seconds later

we have about 5 songs we sort of like

but still a lot to do

i’m going to go crazy if we don’t finish this soon