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beatin’ on brats

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

yo we did a ramones set with like no practice and it ruled.

i’m still looking for live pictures from it

matt picked me up looking like this

i wore this stuff… it was hard to play in

matt gave goggy a bath, he was bummed as hell that he wouldn’t be covered in crap anymore

houndin’ roundin’ again’

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

went out to hicksville to meet the hounds for another round, we had to get the keys from matt at whole foods… shit was hectic

so getting the bass tone had some troubles

with that bass of his patrick had a “magic-spot” where he had to be like 61 degrees from the cabinet or else it would make a shit load of noise

nick’s mastery as usual

here’s pat in the magic spot

we ended up taking a break to go retrieve a different bass. it was a good move because we also got thai food… green curry i love you

with the new bass we found a tone we liked so that was cool. nick’s magnificent.

goggy goes nuts with this halloween accessory. patrick sorta looks like a killer from a movie with that shirt

nick found an accessory of his own

mr. titlty came down for a special listen

laura was obsessed with holding my drums sticks. she did really rad vocals that felt like really 60’s to me. i’m proud of the hounds’ progression

overall a good session. they are gonna be some really cool tunes that i’m stoked for people to here