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new apt

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

those of you that have seen me in recent weeks know i was stressing out because of the notice i got recently that said “you have 60 days to move out of your apartment, we’re knockin’ that shit down.” i finally found a place and i’m pretty pumped. although i’m not looking forward to the move, i will be happy once we finally settle in. i signed the lease today and charlotte came with me to go give it another look.

this is like a double door room, totally rad

nice sized living room and kitchen

“lots of great light!” no, really though. i can’t wait until this is all over

motown philly back again

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

doin’ a little east coast swing. i went to philadelphia with the weed hounds over the weekend.

we had to organize a crazy back and forth to la guardia moving equipment and stuff, so kenzie and mackie watched over the amps for us while we were gone

this was our rental van, surprisingly spacious on the inside, with seats that folded down into the floor. perfect for a four piece band.

on the way down we shuffled the ol’ ipod and played the game of life on the ol’ iphone whilst eating pretzels and twizzlers. big ballin’

arriving in south philadelphia was a nightmare. we wanted to stop at pat’s and geno’s to do a taste test but it took us about 35 minutes to drive 13 blocks. they don’t believe in plows in the area because the roads are too narrow

i don’t know about the others, but by the time we got to the full house gallery (where we played) i was already bushed. luckily patrick’s bud t.j. lived 5 blocks away from the venue and gave us a nice warm living room to relax in

the venue itself was a four floor apartment. i sort of forgot that it was valentine’s day the next day…

…but the pig’s heart artwork surely reminded me! it was so nasty and the next morning when we went back to pick up our equipment the hearts were still sitting out just accumulating bacteria and disease.

there was a lovely stack of couches in front of the windows. pat is showing you them. they actually helped to block a good portion of the noise from the street.

we unveiled a new song for the first time, maybe one of the best weed hounds songs yet. also, check out the sweet graff.

after a cold walk back to t.j.’s we settled in and watched speed, starring sandra bullock and keanu reeves. what a piece. t.j. had two awesome cats which were equally as entertaining – oscar and little cat.

the next morning we were questing for a wawa. what’s a visit to philadelphia without a stop at wawa?

hit the road again and made good enough time to return the van back before being charged again.

i got home feeling half asleep but it was a good time in general. next road trip is to boston two weekends from now