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New Yeuhs

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

new years eve i left for charlotte’s

she was slavin’ over a hot stove making appetizers

some soft of roasted nut and chocolate covered strawberries

garrett came with us to artemis’

50% of the reason i came

aftah the bawl dropped pawl had to make sum cawls

ll bean is a name that makes me laugh to myself, why? dunno

oh hai howie


with the poor focus this turned out even artier than i’d imagined


confused looking artemis

disgusting happy couple. i always look nuts cause i’m trying to aim the camera

christian had a big bow tie and clementine stains on his shirt

double novelty glass drinkin’

that lucas likes to dance, i tell ya

o salut sil vous plait 

i then snuck in to hang out with howard for ten minutes solo

charlotte told me to take this but i can’t remember why

howard is cute. welcome to 2009

X-Mas stuff

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

charlotte was sick, but i went to kyle and alana’s x-mas party. kyle and i discussed our matching phones again.

as i was walking around i saw this and was proud of this person for being the best (if you can’t make it out think “fra-gee-lay”)

on christmas eve i did my usual brennan household hangout. billy made a work of art from “merry christmas”

we hung in billy’s room watching videos online.

and we decided billy should become a wrestler named “weird beard”

“you gotta do something with your hands when you come out”

it was pretty funny

until brady (who was sleeping) farted in my face and made me choke

i went back to my moms and pushed jake’s ears down until they stayed. he’s cute

my sister may not see this but this is an easy way to scare a boyfriend

bring him to hang out with your family on christmas while they sing “lola” with acoustic guitars

and see if he runs

these are charlotte’s but their really freakin’ cute. her parent got her cats new beds. stubby took to his well

dexter didn’t quite get the mechanics of it all