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some summer stuff

Friday, July 31st, 2009

here’s a bunch of stuff i scanned all at once… two random shots from when i drove down to philly to see sick of it all and capital with nick and matt

not much fun in the shots, but funny expressions

well, matt found it funny… until he passed out

uneventful fourth of july thai food

with really entertaining reading material apparently

they did the fireworks on the hudson this year but all of queens didn’t know about it… so many sad children loaded back into their cars

i felt bad for my roommate(s) who just moved here from california, first fourth of july is a big wohn-wahn. at least there was iced cream

charlotte’s lipstick was the most explosive thing in the area

get it?? yeah, like that movie from 19 years ago

the sky was better before any fireworks even went off

though we can always count on my neighbors for a substitute show

ES is very nearly finished. i’ve been doing little bouts of mixing here and there

and matt’s just gotta finish up some vocals… so stoked to have stuff close to being done

we’re taking our time to make sure it turns out right though. oh, we’re on a comp that just came out. it has “strong island” in the title. it’s on itunes too.