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deep pockets northeast pt.2

Friday, September 16th, 2011

so after we left with our fingers crossed we drove about 100 feet and all seemed to be working. we were excited for about a minute there until CRUNCH the shit his the floor again. luckily we were closer now to a real place to pull off

this was our first stop off the road

conor got us off the road and was quickly under the van. he scurried out shortly after and came out with his leather belt completely burned through

Hank made his way back under the van

Justin started walking around to see if he could find a car with wire hangers in it. He found one and sat patiently to wait for the person to come out. He offered to buy a hanger for the and the guy gave him one for free. Conor rigged it up with the hangers but eventually we got lucky

a laundry van rolled up. matt joked “i bet that guy’s got hangers” or something but the nice guy actually gave us a roll of tie wire.

after many trips back and forth for spare parts and coffee we (conor) were done with our little contraption that was rigged holding up our exhaust system

we packed the van, matt packed the cooler

conor’s man hands

we decided that it was probably time to head off after we looped the parking lot about 6 times. everything seemed to stay attached

the worst part was we had absolutely no time to spend in pittsburgh. we drove very carefully to pittsburgh and listened closely to the van. because we were so behind and so caught up in what we were doing i took no photos of the show or the venue or anything

i was finally inspired to the next morning so i could get a shot of this giant banner. how sick is that? john has like 7 roommates, i can’t remember any of their names really. but john was super nice for putting us up. i was so exhausted the night before because they all wanted to party all night and i wanted to sleep all night

the crew slowly began to rise. checked out the reading the library of things strewn around the house

star wars sheets, yuengling bottles, zines

finally some of the room mates woke up, the girl’s name is bender and she doesn’t even like futurama. she really likes harry potter though. if you say you saw the movies but didn’t read the books she’ll be furious. you’ll then offend her by saying that her furiousness doesn’t matter to you. that other guy slept in the basement for a while and when we woke up we didn’t even know he had snuck back in

here’s the outside of the house, check out the weird decoration

we went to whole foods before heading off to buffalo to take advantage of matt’s discount

so on the way to buffalo we stopped off to check on the latest rendition of the fix. this is conor holding one of the badly burnt soda cans


back in the van on the way to buffalo

i can’t remember but these might be bridges to canada. i may be wrong though. either way there were signs that said like “canada – take a left”

i think that’s the skyline of buffalo. pretty amazing right?

more bridge shots

so again with all the confusion of the show i took not a single shot of the show. this is keely’s ┬áhouse where we played and stayed. it was so insanely hot in there both during the show and during the sleep. conor and i slept in the only room with a fan but we were still dying on the floor. at a certain point in the night i went to find cold air somewhere in the house and found it nowhere. when i left the room i was in i found justin and matt in the hottest room ever. i got so mad they were just sitting there tolerating it. how could they? anyway, the show was fun. i chatted with ryan from gracer and his fiance about a lot of scary and depressing things which was fun. the next morning we had some good food keely left for us and made our way to the next show. i am probably leaving a lot of important things out of this entry but without visual aid i am forgetful.