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Deep Pockets – Second Recording Session

Monday, April 18th, 2011

the pocketeers got back in the basement on the 13th of this month. we’re getting a couple new tunes ready for a split with make it plain and recording some others for the fun of it

we got an early start and loaded in the gear. justin brought like three amps and conor brought about four

that’s not true but there was a lot of equipment. it’s a good thing because it took us forever to work out the bass shit. at first we thought that justin’s stuff shit the bed, then he tried burt’s bass cab. that one sounded too “metaly” i believe, so we went to a third one. later we found out the issue happened to be a faulty cable. isn’t that funny

conor really did bring three guitars. i don’t remember the difference in them, but one of them had a really “hollow” tone to it. i dunno how else to describe it.

we ran through the first track, cyclone cellar, in one take. (technically three because we were setting up and warming up before we hit record)

did some cool overdubs that you may not even notice when listening back, but we’ll know they’re there somewhere buried in the mix

the dudes relearned foggy riffs and we continued on. hey, look at that… real mic stands! justin brought some boom stands so i didn’t really use old drum stands this time

“pharaoh nanos” doin that tracy morgan christmas dance

something was funny but i can’t remember what

oh there’s the old guitar, the hollow one. check out the ill racing stripes.

has there ever been a better candidate for the “airheads-extra lookalike of the year” award?

conor was in rare form that night. it was funny to see what a few hours of being stuck in a basement will do to each of us

but we got four songs down, two for the split, two for whatever. some more photos are probably on their way.

now that the snow is gone

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

i don’t feel bad looking at these really. it could come back i suppose, who knows.

one of the nights it was crazy snow a few months ago. only 4x4s were driving

people parked in the middle of the street on 31st ave

people’s cars abandoned in the street

people’s wheels ┬áspinning

car’s buried under mounds

and the plows doing their work for the road, but not for car owneres