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Some shit, miss

Monday, July 27th, 2015

A little while ago me and Chuck went looking for Vito and Linda out in Staten Island. In case you’re not familiar, they are the new resident couple of Eagles that set up shop in Shaolin. We had no luck, but it was a good day overall anyway. First thing after getting off the ferry is getting onto their weird, one train that goes from one tip to the other. It is really strange walking onto a train that looks very similar to something like an old 4 or 5 but seeing this map instead of the one you’re used to

After a short ride we get off and make our way to the water and are greeted by this lovely little hot dog stand, planted firmly across from a hospital for all the nice patrons to see daily.

Makes me wanna eat weird raccoon and boot parts for sure.

Once on the beach you realize how much strange shit must wash up on the shores of S.I. This for example, is probably the remains of someone’s boat that no government agency felt was necessary to clean up.

One interesting this was there is a Battle of The Bulge memorial out there I had no idea about. My great Uncle fought in that stuff so it was pretty weird to see.

The sun was pretty killer that day and made for this trippy ass photo.

Here’s a crow I had a conversation with. I must’ve sqwalked something offensive cause he took off in a hurry after a few exchanges.

This is back in P-Town, out by the water. BS has been recording at Drew’s and when I stay the night at Drew’s it’s a nice spot to borrow Drew’s skateboard and roll up to. The one thing I do miss about living out East. Say “Drew’s” again. Drew’s.

Here is something you don’t see every day: Drew Alexander in a hat.

The P-Town weirdness continued, as per usual, as we rolled past these creepy little clowns in-between recording and eating. It’s 2015 – why are we still celebrating clownism?

People are just weird out there. I never realized it until I went back and had my boys pointing it out constantly.

Drew has been on fire with makin us some meals. Here’s one with babaganoush (sp?) lentils, and a cucumber salad that was dope.

Recording Bass

Here’s one of the mane coming back in.

And here’s one of a dude’s hat style me and Charlotte were really feelin.

Some clever Astoria graffitti.

Back in June I took Charlotte out for her birthday in Sag Harbor where we visited the bird sanctuary. It was a great day, but these turkeys were strange and aggro as fuck.

Matter of fact, everything in there was super aggro. Like these guys who eat right out of your hand! They have absolutely no fear of humans anymore apparently:

Bird eatin

Bird eatin 2

This place was cool and had a beach, but you couldn’t really hang on it because they were protecting nesting Piping Plovers.

It was filled with lotsa little critters. For example these little turtles. Also some aggro chipmunks (the video of that was on Chuck’s phone)

We left, got some fancy veggie burgers and fries, and eventually found some more cool naturey spots.


We watched these osprey’s circle for a long while over these fish that were straight up leaping out of the water for some odd reason. Anyway, the next day we went back out to the island to do some thrift shopping.

Not much to report on that front (I got some speakers for extending the bedroom turntable to the living room which was cool) but check out this weird ass batman and his limp dick ears

Back in the Gravel Pit with Conor for more BS. Here is a fun detail of a box Drew had down there

I don’t remember what was happening but it was pretty funny I guess?

Some other stuff back in the hood. One of my favorite views in NYC

This is the same view, but like more ARTY man

Garrett and Courtney (as well as Chuck’s parents) came over. I love this shot of Garrett and a photo of his childhood self. Hilarious in both.

Here are some experiments in the panoramic mode of the old camera phone

The beaut

And the view.