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pipe down sam, i’m trying to watch these two broads work out

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

about two months ago now my other way more inactive band dirty work started recording in matt’s basement. we did like 7 tunes in about an hour. everything was one to three takes for me. kev had to leave almost immediately after we started so we had to put finishing it off.

this is one of the two photos i took, of tim and joe talking to matt toward the end of the day when we were setting up the bass tone.  i think bass might be done, but guitars and vocals are no where near.

however, drew certainly began his vocals. he insisted on holding an axe the entire time, which of course was awesome. he’s still figuring out what to do on the songs because he’s only hearing himself for the first time after we did this. some of it sounds sick, some needs some work. hopefully this shit will be done soon and maybe we’ll play some shows.