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michael’s birthday (was months ago)

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

michael’s birthday was a few months ago. we went to ochard beach in the bronx. we met in union square and delivered his scream balloons and endless bags of potato chips

after a 6 train ride to the end, and a bus trip we arrived at the beach

a really cool beach on the sound side

lots of junky food to eat and jokes made

it was a really perfect beach day

the place was lively too, all sorts of music and dancing on the boardwalk

we ate cake and shit and packed up to get back on the bus after a few hours

definitely a cool little spot in new york that is probably a locals only type thing

we definitely stuck out like sore thumbs

anyway, it was a good time. (check out the kid flexing off in the distance)

a weekend in new hampshire

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

i forgot about this thing again. that plus my scanner being a dink led to me not adding anything. luckily chuck was nice enough to let me use her’s. anywhoooo the two of us went to visit our pal timothy k. liles in the state of new hampshire the first weekend of october. we were hoping to enjoy some of the new england autumn weather and color and all that shit. we did. here are some photomographs.

tim brought us back to his two floor house/apartment thing which was cool. he also has a woodshop in the basement. he told us that the neighborhood homes used to be rentals back in the olden days. shippers would come in and rent them for a week or three inbetween ocean expeditions. shot of the outside later down the line. the first night it rained so i didn’t bring out the camera but we ate dinner at a pretty delicious and filling restaurant. had some laughs, talked about the aquabats and marveled over the painting of a cowboy that too closely resembled barack obama. we then went to a record store with a million rare finds in the downtown of portsmouth. i got an og walk together, rock together. i could’ve spent hundreds in that place.

anyway, next morning we were going to go check out the beach. freddy was our wake up call.

he’s a little guy

he really liked bouncing from lap to lap, front to back.

that’s tim and michelle

this is the beach. really spread out compared to what i’m accustomed with. all those black dots in the water are full suit surfers. tim is one of them. those people are nuts. cold water is for suckers.

this is the first beach in a long while that i’ve seen in new england.

freddy was living it up

until we put him in a lobster trap

also, he kinda wimped out when it came to other dogs. get that tail up, fred.

after we ate some pizza bagels at a coffee shop we went to pick some apples. that day was like opening day at the orchard or something so it was mobbed

here’s some pumpkins and shit

i was really excited for those apple cider donuts


this is us on the tractor line. they must’ve bussed in some elementary schools or something because all these shitty little kids kept popping up behind michelle to fuck with freddie.

after a long wait we finally got into the orchards and were instructed on how to pick apples. our professor of apple picking was a 400 year old personification of emphysema

charlotte found this mini apple. it’s mini

fred rode tim’s head

we were really determined to get freddie into eating a mini apple

he wasn’t in

we later crossed the border into maine and went to this trading post place filled with olive colored clothes. it’s where all the hunters and communists shop. check out this elmer fudd hat

michelle is making a scary coon-hat wearer face

these meese are gi-normous. i would drop dead if i saw one in nature

we hit up a 7-11 for some mainey snacks, went to a sub-par thrift store and then dropped michelle off. she’s a lawyer in training and had a ton of studying to do. we then we to a savers and found some cool thrift and followed it up with a destinationless drive. tim basically looked for the blue on his iphone and drove towards a lake. really cool stuff

i always forget there’s random mountains in certain parts of the country that arent ny, nj, vt or co. those are the only places that my mind associates with mountains. like say “mountains” and my brain highlights those states on a map. boring chatter

that night we ate some “flatbread” which was a fake version of pizza. it was quite delicious though. the next day tim took us to the downtown area for some coffee

that’s it right there

this is us walking through it. after that we were going to go to some swap meet thing (or whatever it was called) but given the departure time of our bus tim wasn’t sure if we’d make it. he then figured we could drive by and at least see it through the scenic route. then figured we had enough time to get there and spend ten minutes.

afterward he then figured we would be late for the bus. here’s the one shot i took at the thing before my film jammed. shitty. so we left and tim drove like a mad man. the whole time me and chuck just figured we had already missed it but tim kept the pma. he instructed us on which direction to run through the terminal. we made it about 15 second before the door closed a few minutes late. good stuff. thanks to tim and michelle for having a good time with us. see ya