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Slug in the Northwest 3

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Here we are at the Seattle gig

I think this is the only coverage of the whole Seattle show I got honestly. I am bummed about that but I guess I wasn’t feeling too great when we first arrived. I remember we got into Seattle and drove around for about 30 minutes trying to find a spot close to that same Thai place we went to a couple years ago with DP. After a while Conor and I had to jump ship to pee. Their bathrooms are just as gross as ours, which made me feel right at home. We ate some food and exchanged some stories and made our way to the show. The space (shown in the video) was quite cool. Reminded me of the old Silent Barn in NY. The first band was pretty tight.

We either played second or third.. can’t remember, but I do remember it getting kinda packed in. Then there was that thing where people may have heard of you, so they want to watch you, but they haven’t heard you so they keep their distance. I was determinded to win those fuckers over and I think the combination of me building tension and Drew staring them down got the kids moving a bit, which is all I wanted. We sold some shit, hung with some rad folks, and had a decent time. Some of the other bands sucked real bad, some were pretty good. Usual show shit.

One of the plusses about playing in Seattle was that we weren’t far from a friend or two of Bo and Joe. Their friend Chelsey came out the the gig, hung out with us and offered us her apartment that was about 15 minutes away. She stayed elsewhere, probably with her boyfriend I guess, and just gave us the keys. Sweet deal. First issue was finding it. It was under a dentists office, but also located on one of those five road intersections. We circled around a while and eventually got their in the wee hours of night. It was a basement apartment so it was pretty pitch black in there during the night. I slept pretty well I guess?

The next morning we had a bunch of Seattle shit to do on the agenda, which was something we were looking forward to. The next show was in Olympia, but there isn’t much to do out there so we opted to hang in Seattle until later. The Olympia show was technically an after show to Rain Fest as well, even though it was in a different city. With a 10 or 11 start time we had a lot of hours to kill.

We were all waking up slowly, but the need for nourishment and coffee started to hit us

We left Chelsey a punk thank you note

Joe had some dinosaurs as per usual

I decided to take some serious portraits of everyone under the morning light

check out Bo’s vibrant new tattoo

Andre’s phone is burning a hole in his pocket

Drew got the bitch seat in Joe’s car, which we decided to take around Seattle for ease of parking

Joe – looking sad – even though we had a fun day ahead of us

We first headed out through the hills and down into a little farmers market to meet Cece. She brought the local farms stuff out for the day to sell to the Seattleons (is that a word?). Not quite as huge a spread as the time Pockets helped out, but obviously this was a different time of year. They had some other bangin food out and I got some dope Indian food mixed into a giant naan. We eventually went off to check out the rest of Seattle.

couldn’t help but think of my homie in Capital after seeing this sign.

Conor had some weird kinda head shop/tourist trap thing he had been recommended to check out. The coolest thing in there probably was these glasses

I mean they certainly make you look bugged out

I would’ve bought them but I feel like that tag hanging in the middle would’ve eventually got on my nerves day after day

We walked down to the Public Market (which is a famous spot I guess, I dunno) and there was this giant Judge – Bringing It Down statue. I took video footage but I can’t find it. It was sick. The arm was Bringing the Hammer down every minute or so.

Here’s the market. I think it’s famous for the fish trade they do down there, sort of auctioning of the best catches of the day to restaurantors. I wasn’t really that impressed by the fish thing, but the rest was ok. It reminded me of South Street Seaport.

Hey look, it’s Bo and Bo. The Deep Pockets response shirt to the Conor So Adult shirt.

We checked out some map school that was pretty awesome. I can’t believe they manage to stay in business but it seems maps are enough of a trend that they are fully doing well.

Andre in the heart of it

The views by the water are always the coolest thing to mee. Because when we look out on the water out here we just see water and occasionally a cruise liner. They have land masses to look at. I don’t event know what those are.

There was also a big ferris wheel like it was Wildwood or something out on the water.

Seattle dudes laying with hats on their heads like normal

We ended the day at a sick record store where I scored a few things. The guy that owned it had some great stories, but the best was about this flier he posted all over every city he ever moved to. The fact that people call with serious responses is mind boggling to me.

I wanted Joe to cover the “for” in this, but it didn’t pan out. You get it though.

After eating some pretty ok Mexican food at some restaurant we were headed back to Chelsey’s to get the van and head South of here to Olympia