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It’s not about cock and balls, it’s about love

Monday, May 18th, 2009

So recently Matt and I had nothing to do and no money to do it with. We ate Thai food (that he paid for) and  sat around playing records and Xbox live. Matt has never really played Xbox live, so it was a sight. I have never played it using the little headphone/mic thing cause it freaks me out but I welcomed him to. The game is Lord of the Rings Conquest. It was quite a hilarious experience. The video is awful cause it was shot on my camera phone, but it got the audio which is the important part. Charlotte said she needed subtitles for this video, but see if you can make out some of his commentary.

highlights include:

“that was really homosexual? i’m gay! you guys are playing lord of the rings with a dude that’s into dudes. i hope you’re wearing protection.”

“i’m not baked! you’re baked, baker.”

“did you just quote dr. dre?”

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recording with the weed hounds pt. 3

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

so the w33d hounds (as they are now officially being called again) finished up doing vocals with me the other night. they had some mascots routing them along

delicious hummus and pita chips were had. they were delicious

matt had a fully stocked fridge

couple of changes to the lyrics and they were ready to go

watt was wishing he was still in his pajamas 

nick decided to take some pictures of me

i then decided to take more of them

nick banged out every track like a pro this time. reminded me of “one take” brennan back in the LU days

more beer and cigarettes 

listening to the harmonies

check out my homemade spit guard. made out of halloween decorations and panty hoes 

i was fuggin exhausted by the end of the night. i think we were there til 3:30?

these last two are by nick as well

“i tried to make that last one a good one”

rachel eventually joined us, then she came with us on the ride to astoria to keep nick awake. the next step is mixing, we just have to figure out when we can do that. everything should be done soon