brain slug records

on the 11th of the month me and dr. dres got together to record a few songs for our semi-new band. matt was kind enough to let us use the basement while everyone was out (for most of the time)

the new thing is called brain slug. it’s hardcore. it’s dumb. it rules.

this is the first time i have picked up a guitar and attempted writing songs on it. obviously when you hear them you’ll say “you call that writing?” well it was hard for me so BACK OFF!

this was also the first time i contributed guitar equipment to a recording. we used the infamous skullface amp for this recording (which was surprisingly loud) and a borrowed wackadoo pedal. i forget the real name but it was nooiiisey

after andre tuned we blasted through the first song. then we decided to do an “easy” one to keep it moving and it took us about 40 minutes to get through

we eventually got through a few and then decided to try and finish writing an unfinished one while we record… it did not work out well at all. all that happened was i got tired.

andre faced off with the giants football dude for a few hours

then recorded some bass… with my bass guitar. yeah, i bought one. this band is so simple enough that if i can learn it before we’re ready to play shows… and we find a drummer i might just play bass in a band for the first time

of course he banged them shits out in one take – HAVING NEVER PLAYED THEM ON BASS BEFORE – fuckin bastard

scuzzball dude listening to what we got midway through

look at this dude thrashin

after a full day’s work plus overtime matt came home wearing his mc adrock hat. earlier in the day i was like “oh we’ll be out by like 7 o’clock” and he knew better. i should just listen to him seeing as it was 11 pm

we three hung out for a bunch and rapped about a bunch of funny shit. i can’t remember what it was now because i was tired but it was good times. then i took a valley stream train ride home. good times.

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