snow and recording

we got a lot of snow lately. here’s what it looked like after the first big dump of it. it had started snowing again this day

here’s me walking to work on that second “blizzard” day

this is mackie and charlotte making faces… mackie put her tongue out for the camera

this is charlotte commenting on mackie’s grumpy face

here’s me and charlotte getting ready to go for a walk after the snowy stuff while kenzo beanie looks on from the window like one of those owl things that scares birds

speaking of birds… check out all those creepy birds on top of cvs

this is the world’s biggest  cvs (probably) and has way too much crap. it’s like a supermarket in size but with aisles and aisles of the same shit

here’s matt a day or two later. we were getting ready to go do some vocals

this is him giving me the finger when i paparazzo’d him.. i got my film done at a new place and  they fucked it up… i couldn’t really fix these images

like this one of matt wailing along to the new demo… there are weird streaks i had to try and photoshop. i didn’t spend much time on it though

this has dust and shit, whatever

again.. weird color. i did a bunch of color correction and this was the closest i felt like getting it. it almost looked cross processed from the beginning.

this is the right side of the basement. we usually hang on the left, but we started setting up the vocals right in the middle to reduce noise

here’s conor. he’s a happy dude. we finished the Deep Pockets demo this past week… can’t wait for it to be out

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