Pocketeers recording an LP

Last weekend Deep Pockets headed south to Philadelphia to begin recording an LP at Permanent Hearing Damage Studio. We packed the van slightly differently and Matt was confined to the far back, or in Youthviolence terms, the isolation chamber.

We brought Charlotte with us because her family was gracious enough to let us crash at their place just outside the city in Conshohocken. Many thanks are to forever be bestowed upon them.

Strawberries were the food of choice as we left Woodside. The trip down wasn’t terrible, but the traffic in Staten Island kept us from arriving on time.

By the time we got to Philly we met Steve and his intern Jack and loaded in and almost immediately started micing and getting tones. I was so exhausted from the traffic and being in the car for what seemed like 6 hours I had no energy left.

For most of this time Matt had nothing to do and just walked around looking for food for us. Apparently that’s how he got poison ivy?

We spent the first night getting tones and the second day doing bass and drums with a bit of guitars.

Matt continued to walk around.

Here’s Steve’s control room. Conor is eating some Whole Foods which took us forever to get. We drove around forever looking for parking.

Those chairs were dangerous

Matt got into some vocals.

Justin having some deep thoughts

This was a place we kept driving past in North Philly, imagining the behind that “door” there was a junky man with a needle in his hand that would just repeatedly stab you while shouting “TAILOR TAILOR TAILOR! YOU’VE BEEN ALTERATED!”

I got nothing else to say about the rest of these because we are just doing some dubbing.

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