Deep Pockets on To-er with So Adult pt.8 – fini

I think I missed something throughout this whole ordeal of writing about the journey of two bands through the west. Did I ever explain the misspelling on the title? Well if you’ve traveled throughout the U.S. one of the things you notice is that we all speak the same language. The difference between us is our pronunciation of the words we use. As a New Yorker, specifically as a Long Island bred New Yorker, I tend to say things without pronouncing letters. These hooligans from the Northwest just add extra letters. After the third or fourth day I decided to give them something to be self conscious about. The word “tour” – which in the East is pronounced “tore” – was having an extra syllable added to it. “Tu – Er” – but said more rapidly of course. “Yeah, we did a to-er of the west last summer, but that to-er was different than this one. Other to-ers we’ve done were like this” and so on.

I’m sure according to Oxford neither of us is correct but it’s just some funny shit that carried through the trip, noticing each others accents and commenting on them. Trying to recreate each others accents and such. I will say Bobby has the absolute best North West accent I will ever hear in my life and I want him to record for my GPS. Hearing him try to recreate our NY accent was quite a scene as well. Conor gets awards for best impression of Joe’s “Up here we have a saying – pipe down.” Anyway, onward with the photos…

So I think some of these were taken on the way out of Oakland but honestly I have no clue. They just look like city to me. We were done with the shows now and on our way to Seattle to drop Justin off at the airport.

What’s funny though is that originally we were going to play a show in Portland (or somewhere) before he had to take off. I can’t imagine the amount of stress involved in that. We were supposed to have been coming from Reno for that plan but the idea was still in the air for a few minutes there.

The drive back to SeaTac ahead of us was at least 14 hours if not more. The early morning hours were spent laughing about the events of the previous night. Probably one of the funnest 10 minute sets I’ve ever played. The So Adulters just being hilarious, with HoJo leadin the pack. Homie grabbed a drum stick and jumped in on bell duties for “Knitting Circle” and moshed hard while scattering the ear plug jug all across the floor. I laughed through the whole set and could barely keep time.

Justin sent our dog, Cone-anne, some texts the next morning which were met with funny responses. It was quite funny but I won’t go into much detail. The drive was of course very long with some of us sleeping, some of us sleeping inside our pillows.

After a well earned rest stop the fellas started to wake up a bit more. I did my best to capture the mood of the back seat crew.

But it sure was tough to fit everyone in the frame

Up in the front Bob-o was pulling in another 40,000 mile drive with Derek as the co-pilot. Probably another 2 hour circuitry discussion as well.

Moving along quite nicely at this point and getting close to Portland we pulled off for a dinner break.

The gents took us to a Middle-Eastern spot they frequented on other trips. I will say one thing about the West – they may have tacos down but they ain’t got shit on some falafel or gyros.

The wait was to be a little while so we posted up outside and I started snapping some photos. The light was incredible because the glass was set up right in front to bounce some warm light onto the dudes

I moved around to get comfortable but ended up snapping a bunch more to really take advantage.

I love a stacked shot like this one a few people at different levels.

Bo posin hard.

Joe contemplating life.

Derek doing a “and I’m reaping all the benefits”

Then I decided I wanted to nab a group shot by setting up the self timer. I love this shot. Like I said before, these guys… these are the guys.

We went in finally and ate. I mean it wasn’t horrible but there just wasn’t much spice to any of it, and I don’t mean specifically heat, I mean out here the use of spices is taken advantage of a bit more. They did have they massive pitas though which were awesome. The light was too poor in there for me to get them in focus but just understand they were close to the size of a pizza.

On the way out Joe was ridin the vibes high and for some reason that is now lost to me and started bustin some moves. It  started with his left overs, but then to properly give it to the camera he laid down his weapons and went for it  unarmed.

Giving me some Pulp Fiction

This might be a Ric Flair type deal? I can’t remember

Then he pulled out the peasant mosh

Going for it hard in a butthole universe

Just look at the toughness in those eyes

Then he just ran some circles through the parking lot. After Joe settled down a bit I said I wanted to get some more groups shots. My only regret is that I didn’t do it in the location I had originally planned. Someone said we should do it in the back near the graffiti  and I obliged but the light was terrible there.

Not only that the overgrown ledge I had to prop my camera up on was so far away. Oh well. Live and learn. Here are some dimly lit pictures of the group that are poorly scanned

I kept running in back thinking I would be cut off more than I was cause I forgot how much room the ledge left me

The scans suck but the moment is there. We had fun and it shows so yeah whatevs brah

We got back in the van still laughing and giddy. At this point we set every movie quote to a butthole universe and were so tired and ready to sleep it was all the funniest shit we had ever heard.

The drive back from Portland was still another four hours or so and in the back of our minds we were still worried about getting Justin on his plane in time.

The drive back was really awesome though.

These photos of course do no justice to the sunsets I was seeing

We got Justin back to the airport with time to spare and said our goodbyes. That dude had to take a  7 hour flight with layover in Texas after doing a 15 hour drive and then go to work! I don’t know how he did it.

After dropping Justin off we made another of the 761 trips from Seattle to Bellingham and were getting pretty spacey but we made it in one piece.

I was stoked to be going to sleep and happy to see this little one for a last time.

The next day we geared up to get some breakfast and said hello to one of the neighbors as she passed through.

They took us to fill our stomach with some breakfast burritos. Why don’t they make them like this back home? I mean come on. Potato burritos NEED to happen here.

The gear was still sitting in the van so we headed back to the bowling alley for a last time

In scanning this shot (I wish Bobby wasn’t blinking, sorry Bobby!) I was trying to figure out what looked so wrong and I realized it was just because Bobby was still so sun burnt from Soak City.

I think I nearly passed out in the van from the fullness I was experiencing around now.

We loaded stuff in one last time to the place we all met a pair of weeks earlier. Bummer to have it end obviously but I was stoked to get back to New York. Derek is always the jokester.

We rolled to Bobby’s with Bo because he was going to drive us back to Seattle again.

Bo (or Derek or someone) pulled up to his apartment and followed behind him to his dumpster. He was not loving it. We went back to Whole Foods in Seattle to say goodbye to Cecelia (who was already in town working farm stand) and then said goodbye to Bo who stayed with her. Bobby got us to SeaTac just in time. We had a few hours still to kill but we had no trouble crashing for a few hours.

Of course our flight was delayed a few hours so that sucked, but there was enough to do in the terminal. They have a giant food court with huge windows which made for this lovely view of the mountainous landing strip. Matt spent a lot of time chillin in one of the bars knockin em back and catching up on sporting matches. The flight were descent and flying into NY was clear as day, I saw our apartment building on the way to LaGuardia. Getting out and hearing different accents and seeing different colors is always so refreshing to me and really makes me feel at home. Big Matt was nice enough to grab us from the airport and drive us home.

I was most excited to see these ones. (Plus Mackie who was in hiding during these pictures)

I missed Ms. Chuck Davis like crazy and was really pumped to see her finally. I won’t go into it because y’all don’t need to hear that.

My kitties are the best

Little summertime puffballs

Back in Queens again. It’s been a couple months now and I miss those buttheads. Looking forward to next summer when we crash the East. Get Pumped for that, world.

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