the bronx

me and chuck went up on a day trip last month up to the bronx cause she hasn’t ever really been, at least in her adult life. my plan was to take the m-60 bus from astoria across into manhattan and then jump on a 1 train up to the top and walk around van cortland park. a really beautiful and underrated NYC park.

one of the craziest things about the bronx is the huge boulders. you may see them in central park but they’re out there in the bronx all over too. we ate some lunch up on one of the peaks and a few feat away all of the bros of the bronx were getting drunk off bud light while another guy seemed to be sketching them

really nice view. i used to run cross country up at this park in high school, if i hadn’t i probably wouldn’t know about it. charlotte, on the other hand, had a childhood friend who lived right around the way. so she had vague memories of the scenery

these geese were all over and really confusing. they could decide whether or not to stay or go and just circled around our heads always threatening to shit on us

looks really beautiful though

on the flip side of beautiful is this weird bathroom where once you close the door a troll comes out of the floor to bit off your testicles.

the lighting was super awesome at that time of day, rembrandt style. what a babe.

we headed back into manhattan to the columbia area to take a short visit at the national park of Grant’s tomb. a building that always seems suuuper out of place in new york city, because it really feels like a transplant from DC dropped onto the upper east side.

and here is the church up near columbia that is transplanted from minas tirith

here is an amazing view of the east river from riverside park. the leaves of autumn were in full effect. click on the panoramic above for a larger view.

after we got back into astoria via of the m-60 again we walked around our hood again. the leaves were insane.

some of the trees seemed to be producing way better product than others. like look at that. other trees take notice and step up your game.

look at these yellow leaves. those are always my favorite. the trees that just go yellow like woah. this block is the block my grandma grew up on. she met my grandfather in the park across the street. i love that story. old thymey astoria, l.i. i gotta post some photos of that stuff at some point that i have touched up

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