new camerafone

this is a bunch of photos from my new phone. they are out of order and from the past three or four months. some of them have “fxcamera” filters on them. whatevs

me and chuck on the astoria blvd stop platform

this is a weird picture of a tree

wipe your neighbor’s ass

rooftop kitties

snow in astoria

this guy’s name is jake. weird name for a cat, but he has hair in his ears so he’s ok by me

but bender, think of the senoritas!

everyone at work using cameraphones including me

even without a “s” it’s still a good cake

this little guy sure was a little guy

on the road with the houndz there was a dick clark’s american bandstand grill with a tom petty showcase…

pat was hanging by it’s empty ass self

more astoria snow

i’m a child (look close)

charles in my new apartment

new apartment kitchen view

pizza… or pizza BOX?

really big shoe…. really big


playing around with the filters

charlotte by the train

arika playing with hair extensions

pat glass at silent barn


my sister took this on christmas morning

citibank building from qbp with the pinhole effect

thai iced teaz

sisters being cute

me looking like death and hating my fucking life (thanks hives)

this effect is the worst but it’s funny with macko

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