DC visits and stuff

i visited DC twice. this was in smash records which is in adams morgan. that is some old flier artwork, also it might have been in flex your head.

the first time i went i got to visit my homepiss andre and his roommate tyler

the weekend we went to help my sister with her wedding stuff, these were the invites i designed that eventually were printed by a young gal named jackie, she did a great job

the weed hounds played 538 johnson stolen sleeves. cool view from up there.

fun show

then we went to DC yesterday as a band to play the velvet lounge. nick and pat insisted on buying a jumbo slice

we went walking around to find a copy of the post because we found out that we got our names in it. that was rad

matt picked this up in smash records. apparently my  dad produced this X record

some DC artwork

after the show we went to steak and eggs and ate some cool food

it was good food

pat and nick opted for the most food as per usual

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