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Concrete Cross – LP

Alright so I just got this LP from Concrete Cross’ drummer, Tone, the other day after some heckling the last I saw him. I don’t even know if the shit is out in the streets yet, or what label it’s supposed to be on. I mean I think it’s a European one maybe, but I can’t even be sure. All I know for sure is that the fragments of 15 year old self that still exist within me are trying to break free right now. Something about the debut from these miscreants has awaken the want to go fast, break stuff, go faster, spit on things, throw heavy shit off things, and pick a fight with an animal that i’ll lose.

All throughout this record energy forces itself upon me and hardly lets up. There are a few moments where the speed is slowed down slightly, but don’t get me wrong… it’s still about 25 miles above the speed limit. Like the rerecorded “Cannibal Brain” for example . This is a mid paced monster that feeds the need to circle pit like no one’s watching. Another standout is the closer track “On Ice” which is as far outside the standard CC writing procedure as the record gets. Its closing riffs are like the rolling credits on some sort of black and white Italian epic.

“Sculpt The Ruins” is a perfect example of what you turn to a band  like Concrete Cross for – blistering speeds, speedy leads, and rapid fire ramblings of a madman vocalist. As mentioned before this kind of track is the type you want to do nothing but skate or ride too while rentacops chase you from your choice destination. Pure energetic headbang. And there in lies the problem for these guys. Too often are they paired up on the wrong bills with the wrong bands. I feel like their selected crowd in New York is never right for them, so they’re met with lackluster response. If they were to play to the crusty kids, or flipped brim skate punks they would be covered in more sweat then their own when they reach the end of their set list.

Anyway, if you have adrenaline and ears then this record is definitely a must have. Also the guy singing sang in bands on Wreck-Age in the 90s and the drummer plays in another band with Paul Bearer – does that give you reason enough?

New JustaVisual layout



Hey folks. I’ve finally done what has been a long time coming – updated the format of this site. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long while but the task seemed like a burden for so long. One of the main reasons for this was that I wanted to display photos larger. As the years went by the default browser viewing size and resolution has gone up with internet speed and screen sizes. More people have more room now.


 here are some really old page designs from justavisuals past

So I’ll be going back through my collections and resizing some of my favorites to make them more browser friendly for 2013. It’ll take a while, but with the new blogging format I should be able to add stuff more quickly. Getting some of the old stuff on here will probably take a  while but I’m in no hurry. This site is probably over 12 years old, I can’t even remember at this point. I’d like to send a shout out to old web friend Melissa Gower who way back when began the site with me.

Also, I’ll be having some friends contribute reviews of whatever they hell they feel like to site now. The truth is I only like so many things only so often. Might as well have some other people adding their opinions to the world wide web.

The most current stuff added recently is from a Saint Vitus show where Concrete Cross, Goosebumps, and Deathcycle all played.

Check back soon for some more updates and shit.