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Hounds Of Hate – S/T LP

After Hounds of Hate released their first 7″, No Redemption, I finally began to understand the band. As a straight edge guy I find it really hard to find new straight edge bands I actually enjoy. I give a lot of shit (edge or not) a solid chance, but often after a couple songs if I’m not blown away I move onto the next. Unfortunately the HoH demo didn’t blow me away, but I could see the potential lingering in there somewhere. So flash forward to when I get word they’re releasing something new I go round and check it out. Perhaps it was the addition of a new vocalist that did it for me? Maybe they just honed their sound? Either way that 7″ is solid end to end if you ask me.

So fast forward more and it’s announced that Hounds of Hate will release an LP on Painkiller in 2013 – that’s good news because I am diggin the shit out of this band. They head to NYC and bring a sampler tape with them. I cop that shit and again more solid songs that make the LP something I definitely want to hear.