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The Rival Mob – Mob Justice LP


I don’t pretend to be one of those guys who only listens to the most unknown, mysterious, and unattainable bands. When it comes to hardcore, sometimes bands get popular for a reason, and right now The Rival Mob has to be numero uno. And for good reason – they’ve been around long enough to build that kind of fan base, play tons of fests, release new shit every year or so, and have the craziest t-shirt game going.

Last year these dudes put out a little sampling of what was to come from their debut on REV in the form of a sampler tape. The streets were left in a frenzy over it. Some of the best tracks the band has yet put together were on there. Not only that, the Paincave recording seemed to have been crafted to a perfect balance of crushing guitar crunch and booming thud-dy drums.