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andre’s pool party

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

went out to andre’s second annual pool party to hang. got to see some faces i haven’t seen in a minute

like doug. i just remembered on the weed hounds tour we drove through a city called durant and for an hour substituted the word “doug” for other words in movie titles. for example: doug of the rings, douglander, o doug where art thou, the cable doug, doug in the outfield, etc. good stuff.

it was a lot of fun hangin but i didn’t go in the pool. my ears were fucked up and still are to this day.

ew look at the blisters on that boy’s hobbit feet

billy drew some weiners

kevin slam dunked some shit

and this dude made up a little score card. it was pretty funny

a few bands played, here’s one of gaza. more here

i noticed doug was very distracted during the sets, i found it really funny for some reason

then the hounds played. first time i saw them after not being in them. kinda weird but definitely cool to be a spectator again because i like the band. more shots here

jersey shore, mosh it up

Friday, August 20th, 2010

after the weed hounds got back to new york i wanted to do some new york kind of stuff, things that made me feel more at home with what i missed. so what did i do? walked around, ate pizza/tacos and record shopped.

it was nice being back in my home city. i love this place.

this guy loves it so much he lives right on the streets of it.

anyway, after returning back from the tour i had another little trip planned. charlotte’s folks rented a little time at this place in seaside heights, new jersey this summer and invited us to come for a wee bit.

her younger brother garhoot was also along for the ridge for a spell. my only experience with the jersey shore (drink, bro!) was going to wildwood for a day last year

it did not prepare me for this… (the guy covered in paint is supposed to be one of the ones from the show, also that’s a legit paintball guy and there is a dude under that head)

the first couple of days were fun, garrett had off from work and hung out with us at the arcades and junk stores. we drank tons of shitty lemonade and had lots of ¬†“water” (italian) ices

charlotte got sixth place on this biking game, but she destroyed me in air hockey. like 7-1 or something

this is us at on the beach. i cropped out our whiteness in an effort to save your delicate eyes from blindness

seaside heights landscape reminded me of long island a tiny bit because they have the same ocean / bay set up as us. this is the night view over the bay

i was really into it as you can see

charlotte’s parents treated us to some ice cream. i got a coke float and charlotte got an enormous banana split, we both had the interest of staying alive in mind so we decided not to finish them

charlotte took some cool photos with her dad’s camera of garrett (photo not included)

the sand on the first couple of days was SOOO fucking hot, if you stood still for more than one second you were sure to burn the soles of your feet. i’m not joking. not like third degree obviously, but uncomfortable to walk on for a few days type of burn

the third or fourth day in we drove back to tommy’s river to pick up paul and michael who were gonna come hang for the day

these shots were from the walk to 7-11 before they arrived on the scene i think

there was a storm at some point that left the sky real cloudy and the ground real wet

at the bay again

and here’s michael and paul

for the two of them i think it was their first time on the jersey shore as well so they were pretty stoked. i knew i had to bring out the camera for the fun times

we started off by going to the photobooth. there was one true photobooth on the boardwalk. charlotte and i learned of this the night before when we were punked by a imposter that looked the look but printed out digital crap.

the people on this boardwalk were really a bunch of “characters”

but then again we didn’t really blend either

it’s so funny to me that this is what new jersey thinks of when they think of the beach

michael was on the hunt for a chicken cheese steak (and i kind of was too), while charlotte wanted some true boardwalk fries

no one really got their wish but me. michael got like a chicken burger on a hero and charlotte got crap fries with weak vinegar. i held out longest and scoped the scene. it paid off cause my food was delicious

this place was so weird. mini-golf on the tops of all the shops!? what gives?

how weird is that? like going to get a taco and a chili dog.. oh and there’s an old lady putting right above me

there was some golden light going on and charlotte wanted a shot of me. paul had to get involved though

this is where they got their awful food

mushiest corn on the cob ever

i can’t remember if it had happened yet but we actually saw a bunch of the cast members from the show. there was a giant crowd of people, workers with ear pieces and walkie talkies, and waivers to sign if you wanted to go into the shitty store they were in. paul was so in awe he had to tell some people

this is a bad shot of the family with the most amazing hair ever. it does them no justice but it helps me to remember. they were like circus freaks with nothing to be ashamed of,  just amazing locks of hair

the lights started fading and the lights started coming up. we were playing some more games and stuff and it was a lot of fun

theeeen we got some fried stuff and the “we’ll fry fuckin’ anyting ya give us” place. they had a sandwich called “the snookie” too

so many crappy places selling crappy crap

i was really hyped about the salt water taffy. it didn’t meet the hype. i shouldn’t have believed it.

at this point the three of them were going to go on rides. now i’m not one for rides, which surprises a lot of folks. they go “oh, but you’re an x-treme kinda guy.. how come you don’t like rides?” and i think it’s just because i have no control over the rush.. i dunno. either way i hung on the sidelines and took in the local culture

plus those rides looked like a nut or bolt would snap off at any given second

they got a bunch of group tickets and went on as many crappy rides as they could

“oh what’s happening over there?”

michael and charlotte went on this haunted house thing while paul and i caught up a bit on life. it was so hilarious when they came outside of the ride on the little cart thing

then they got on a vacant line for the musik express. they lucked out and got all the keysha songs during their turn!

during that i watched this completely uninspired merchant give away some shit merchandise for five times the cost

toward the end of the night we went to a weird gambling type of thing where you put quarters on numbers and try to win candy. michael won a giant box of black cherry blow pops at an earlier stand and i was super proud / jealous.

nearing the end of the night we went to some other store that sold towels with naked babes on them… or so we thought. the titty towels had sold out two years ago and were just up for display. WHAT A RIP!

michael and paul tried to win some ipods/pads at this next place and were eventually drawn out by a crowd passing by chanting “jay-WOW jay-WOW jay-WOW”

oh there’s the blow pops! (michael was nice and shared them in a dish on the living room table when we got home)

“sim-ply put in TWO doll-ars to p-lay. good lu-uck! ya-ou we-ill nee-eed it!”

we eventually got tired and by about one a.m. we needed to bring them back to tommy’s river to catch a bus back to new york. charlotte and i stayed a few more days but i think i ran outta film. it was a good time overall and i enjoyed it, but it was certainly a lot more crazy than i expected. i wouldn’t mind going back