some new band shit

June 7th, 2016


the homies Shaun and Reggie, in the new project I’ve been working on. Some hardcore shit. I’m playing guitar for a change.

The homie Super Natural Mikey, this dude is so positive about life it’s awesome

Ms. Hendry, she’ll be kickin’ it on bass

The dude Darien, AKA D2, AKA Dino on drums (wildest picture of the bunch, slow ass shutter – think my camera needs a stop at the shop)

Reggie “popped the top”

The lady Vrn, one of the Psychos, in the place to be

Some drive by car lighting making some cool shit happen. Like the weird motion in this one.

Workin on a new project

May 13th, 2016

Yo so I wrote a bunch of songs that didn’t have a home. I decided to start recording it on my own a few months back, but now it turned into a full, unnamed band, Anyway here’s part of the process of recording the instrumentals solo.