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Hanging at Fellow Project’s Record Release

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015


This was a fun show, because Fellow Project is still the best band to come off of Long Island in forever. I can’t remember now (because it’s probably about two months ago or month) when it was.

But FP played extraordinarily well as per usual. This was also a great night for the crowd too

cause these two popped a surprise visit on us. Love these former guitar players of mine

Dumps is mid-spit. Pretty funny. Lou should start a solo project called Lou’s Locks where he just strums his long flowing strands of his. Joe’s hat and beard look like they are made of the same material.

Here is a newly (at the time) pregnant Tia with the sickest record they just put out. I forgot to tell her to take off the plastic sleeve!

Oh, what up Lubrano?

The last time I got a group photo of FP Lou looked sad. So I wanted a new one. Greatest folks